Guild Wars 2 Class Tier List – June 7th, 2016

The newest class tier list is in! These rankings are based on Pro League player responses..

S Tier

Elementalist hasn’t suffered as of late and the only reason to consider having it below this status is due to other class nerfs. With necromancer not being as strong anymore, the condition cleanse hasn’t lost its potency, but there can be a lack of conditions applied in team fights. The sustain is still powerful and thus makes this an excellent pickup, being able to hold your own in outnumbered fights and still have fairly good mobility around the map.

Although revenant did get hit with the change to precision strike and phase traversal, the power damage can still be overwhelming and is by an far the best damage dealer. No longer will you be able to follow up a phase traversal with an immediate burst due to energy costs, but in team fights you’ll still find yourself as one of the highest damage dealers. With thieves being a more popular class, many revenants are choosing to use the retribution line, making themselves less susceptible to burst damage and keeping themselves ahead in terms of sustain.

A Tier

Mesmer was previously regarded as the best class in PvP, however with the removal of mercenary amulet it has been forced to go down other avenues. The builds may remain intact for the most part, but a few alterations were forced made, ultimately pushing them down a tier. Portal has always been a strong point for mesmers, who now need to keep up with thieves and will be able to do so with this utility. While we’ve only seen one week of Pro League play without the mercenary amulet, we can definitely expect the best mesmer builds to be in flux at this time until we see what comes of it during the finals, which showcases three of the world’s best mesmers.

Engineer was thought to fall out of the meta, but managed to find a way to stay in line. We’ve seen multiple variations of the popular gyro build, but the majority seem to revolve around the gyro heal and utlities. Most teams work very well with the function gyro, grabbing resurrects onto teammates fairly quick without the sneak gyro being used. We will have the chance to watch Chaith and Zan battle against each other come June 25th, which could give us some new builds to toy around with after the event takes place.

B Tier

Although ranger had some fairly hard hits to its pets and celestial avatar, it remains as one of the strongest support classes . It seems to have a strong presence on many teams, but doesn’t feel like a necessity. We’ve seen multiple teams get by without a ranger’s support, solely relying on the elementalist and even engineer to keep them alive throughout fights. Finding the ranger down in B tier may come as a surprise given how strong its seem to have been in the recent weeks of Pro League play.

Thief has been a pickup for several teams as we saw season two come to a close. With the precision strike and phase traversal changes to revenant, this only creates for a more friendly environment for a thief to float around in. Still having extremely high mobility, it can be matched by mesmers, but only once with their portals. The thief’s role in this current meta revolves around being a nuisance to the enemy teams by continuously grabbing the enemy points and outnumbering fights. As a thief, you’ll want to stay clear of heavy team fights and having your team play a three-point strategy, rendering you less efficient.

Warrior continues to move onto rosters but still finds itself in the B tier. Its one versus one capabilities are terrific with a limited amount of builds being able to deal with it. As a warrior, sticking to smaller fights is advised as team fights isn’t necessarily the strong point, despite using a longbow. The condition cleanse is outstanding on this class with both cleansing ire and smash brawler creating for a strong combination. It’s certainly possible teams will have this class as a main role on their team or even just in their back pocket for different strategies.

C Tier

Necromancer is still a popular pick among teams despite its low ranking. The condition output isn’t quite what it used to be and no longer having mercenary amulet does hurt. With warriors also being in the meta, this combo can be fairly overwhelming stacking dozens of conditions within seconds. Condition transfer is always a great thing to have as well and something the necromancer excels at. Expect to see at least a couple necromancers at the season two finals, regardless of whether or not a warrior is a part of the squad.

D Tier

Guardian continues to find itself at the bottom of the pit. Although thieves are around, there is too much to deal with as a guardian. The burst damage from guardian can catch a class or off guard, but in any evenly matched fight you’ll find yourself at a massive disadvantage with classes like elementalist and engineer heavily reducing your damage due to their projectile destruction.


  • Elementalist received only S and A votes
  • Necromancer votes range from A to D
  • Revenant received only S and A votes

Compared to the April 27th Trends…

  • Last time: Mesmer received 100% S votes; This time: Mesmer received S through B votes
  • Last time: Ranger received 91% votes in S or A; This time: Ranger votes range from S to C, with over half of the votes being B
  • Last time: Warrior received 60% votes in B; This time: Warrior finds a comfortable position in B tier once again, even with the increase in competitive play
  • Last time: Thief received 55% votes in C; This time: Over half of thief votes were above C, ranging from A to D
  • Last time: Guardian’s highest vote was C and lowest F; This time: Stayed consistent with the previous votes
  • Last time: Engineer votes ranged from A to D; This time: Engineer votes ranged from A to B
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