Academy Gaming Overwatch Weekly #24 Recap

Academy Gaming Overwatch Weekly #24 Recap

This Monday’s Academy Gaming Overwatch Weekly #24 tournament featured 16 teams battling it out for a victory once again. This week featured Kungarna who is coming off of a second place finish last week after dropping to Helix Esports, along with other familiar names such as Your Name Here, KATT5, Hammers Esports, and Momentary.

We got to take a look at KATT5’s journey through the tournament where they took out BOT Empire in the round of 8 in a swift fashion, pitting them against Hammers Esports in the semifinals. On the upper half of the bracket, Your Name Here, who returned after a week break, took down Momentary in their round of 8 matchup 2-0, facing off against a tough opponent in Kungarna in their semifinal matchup.

KATT5 went into their semifinal with Hammers Esports looking like the favorite given their Realm’s End Invite performance the week prior where they took a top four finish. Going into this matchup Hammers Esports had a lot to prove given their weak defensive performance during week 23. Fortunately for them, we headed to King’s Row first where they were able to power through it despite a poor early push on Point A where they had only 30 seconds to clean up the fight. As they moved into the streets phase and even into the end of the map they were uncontested as KATT5 failed to show any sign of resistance. On the defensive side, Hammers managed to hold back KATT5 as long as they could and after a few impressive team fights they held them off to take the 1-0 lead. We hit Hollywood for the second map in which we saw more or less the same from both teams with close fights that Hammers were able to pull through in the end and take the 2-0 set and move themselves into the finals.

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On the top half of the bracket Your Name Here went the distance with Kungarna as they tied the set 1-1 and forced a draw on map three which pit them against each other in a best of 3 on Lijiang Tower to determine the series victor. In the end Kungarna emerged from the semifinals by taking down some quite notable names in their matchup.

The finals would feature a rematch from week 23’s round of 8 between Kungarna and Hammers Esports, who were looking to get revenge after dropping that series. For the first map we headed back to King’s Row for the final time of the night where Hammers had a troubling time making it past the second checkpoint which opened the path for Kungarna to cruise to a victory despite it coming down to the final minute or two. Heading to Lijiang Tower, we knew that Kungarna would have the upper hand on king of the hill maps which would be an uphill battle for their opponent. Kungarna started out strong taking the first two points, but Hammers managed to take the third in an intense battle that came down to the final team fight. In the end it was Mykl’s genji that helped set the pace for the fourth point in which Kungarna would take it and win the series 2-0, taking the Academy Gaming for their first time.

You can check out the rest of the results here along with next week’s signups here!

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