Academy Gaming Overwatch Weekly #25 Recap

Academy Gaming Overwatch Weekly #25 Recap

Twenty teams signed up for the 25th week of the Academy Gaming Overwatch tournament series. With last week’s finalists Kungarna and Hammers Esports back in the mix again, they were joined by Oksii’s Morons (previously Helix Esports) and I’m Your Huckleberry to round out the top four seeds.

As anticipated, all top eight seeds made it through to the round of eight where the top four seeds proceeded through without any faults, all grabbing 2-0 wins. In the upper half semifinal, Kungarna faced off against I’m Your Huckleberry who gave them a real run for their money. Kungarna started out down 0-1 in the series but grabbed a win on Numbani, forcing it to a game three on Lijiang Tower. I’m Your Huckleberry looked the be the more dominant team as they powered through a 2-0 lead on the final map. However, the Kungarna we we’re used to seeing finally showed up and pulled out the incredible reverse sweep to win the series and move into the finals for the third consecutive week.

In the lower semifinal Hammers Esports had their shot at redemption against Oksii’s Morons from weeks prior. Hammers Esports had been struggling with the defensive side of things over the last few weeks but their powerhouse offense would help them surge through this series with a clean 2-0 victory. It was quite unlike Oksii’s Morons to drop games given their previous dominance in the Academy Gaming Overwatch scene, but they will certainly be back for more in the coming weeks.


The finals would once again feature a familiar matchup with Kungarna and Hammers Esports who have now played each other in three consecutive weeks. Kungarna, the 2-0 victor from both weeks prior were headed into this matchup as the clear favorite, but they weren’t quite ready for what was about to hit them. King’s Row would expose the lacking defense from both teams as each of them grabbed checkpoints with seemingly limited effort from the opposition. However, Hammers had too strong of an offense that allowed them to finally pick up a win against Kungarna and take the 1-0 lead. Heading to Hollywood, it once again looked like Hammers would be able to power through as they did on King’s Row but a strong push in overtime from Kungarna allowed their second push on the map to come up clutch and grab the win to tie the incredibly close series.

The third and final map happened to be Route 66, a map we hadn’t seen these two battle it out on in previous weeks. The first push from Hammers Esports was fairly convincing, nearly grabbing the final checkpoint but Kungarna’s defense stayed strong to hold them just short. As Kungarna pushed the payload through the second checkpoint, they were coming up short on time as Hammers seemed to have stopped them with only 15 seconds remaining. A swift Kungarna regroup surprised Hammers Esports who were without their important ultimates due to their last engagement which wiped them from the board and shocked us all with Kungarna picking up the 2-1 win and their second consecutive Academy Gaming tournament win.

You can check out the rest of the results here along with next week’s signups here!

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