Academy Gaming Overwatch Weekly #26 Recap

Academy Gaming Overwatch Weekly #26 Recap

With latest balance patch hitting the servers just last week, we got a look at our first Academy Gaming Weekly tournament since it went live. Sixteen teams battled it out this past Monday with top ranked Kungarna looking for their third consecutive win.

An upset came through in the round of 16 right off the bat as PizzaMilkTea took down third ranked zooKeepers with a 2-0 which also helped them cruise past Zenith in the round of 8 to grab a spot in the semifinals against Hammers Esports.

Hammers Esports had a fairly fast route through their matches as they managed to make it look easy against PizzaMilkTea, grabbing a quick 2-0 in that semifinal. On the upper half of the bracket, Kungarna once again was uncontested in their journey to the finals as they took down The Great Divide in their semifinal match.

For the third week in a row the finals would feature Kungarna and Hammers Esports, all of which Kungarna has taken the crown. A familiar map pool would surface for these two once again as we headed to Dorado for the first map. Hammers did well for their first push, grabbing the first two checkpoints but Kungarna’s defense was too much as they managed to make the hold just before the final turn. As they swapped sides Kungarna had a struggle pushing the payload past the first checkpoint but managed to push through in overtime which propelled them forward with incredible momentum and swiftly moved on to grab the second and third checkpoints to find themselves with the first win.


Moving over to Hollywood for map two, Hammers had a slow start grabbing the first checkpoint but pushed forward to grab it along with the rest of the map in overtime to finish with nothing left on the clock. Kungarna’s push was quite the opposite as they easily handled Hammers and move forward with the payload with ease. This momentum helped them gain the edge for a while before Hammers put up some resistance to hold them off as long as they could. Eventually Kungarna overcame this hold from Hammers and managed to finish out the remainder of the map with 9 seconds left.

The results of both teams finishing the map would allow for both get to a small amount of time to push it once again. Hammers were quite unsuccessful on their attempt, but after swapping sides Kungarna’s powerhouse offense coming up clutch thanks to a double kill with a last second Pulsebomb from Babybay to take the 2-0 series win and become the first team in Academy Gaming history to take three consecutive tournaments.

You can check out the rest of the results here along with next week’s signups here!

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