Breaking the Meta: Static Discharge Engineer

A static discharge engineer uses the tools minor trait “static discharge” to deal high burst damage with its tool belt skills, however it severely lacks sustain and survivability.


Explosives: 2: V (Accelerant Packed Turrets)

Firearms: 4: VI (Hair Trigger), IX (Rifle Mod)

Inventions: 0

Alchemy: 2: I (Invigorating Speed)

Tools: 6: II (Static Discharge), VI (Speedy Kits), XII (Adrenal  Implant)

It is possible to replace either Speedy Kits with Power Wrench (VIII in Tools) for slightly more damage, but the lack of extra endurance and dodge rolls will lower survivability.


A static discharge engineer uses a rifle as it’s weapon.

Weapon Sigils: There are several sigils that work with this build and it’s down to personal preference for which ones you choose to run.

  • Sigil of Air: It is heavily recommended that this is one of the sigils you run on your rifle, as it can lead to much higher single target burst, which is what this build excels in.
  • Sigil of Fire: This sigil can add to your burst damage but isn’t necessarily aimed at single target attacks.
  • Sigil of Blood: Another recommended sigil to give a whirl. It will give you a small amount of life steal.

Runes: There are two runes that can work with this build.

  • Rune of the Pack: This rune gives more offensive capability to the build as it gives +175 power and +125 precision, which both contribute to increasing the damage output of the build. In addition to this it also gives bonus swiftness duration and a 25% change to give 10 seconds of fury might and swiftness to yourself and allies when you are hit (with a 20 second cooldown). This increases your damage as well as giving bonuses to your team.
  • Rune of Vampirism: This rune gives the build more defensive capability, as it gives a 15% chance of life steal on your next attack after being struck, and life steal on your next attack after using a heal skill (your healing turret has a short cooldown). On top of that it gives a chance to turn into mist when struck below 25% health, which gives a good opportunity to reposition and heal before reengaging. It also gives offensive power through +175 power.


  • Berserkers: This amulet gives the most to this build, as with most burst damage builds. Not only does it increase each physical damage stat, but it gives vitality which increases survivability by a slight margin.

Heals, Utilities and Elites

The skills for this build are fairly set in what has to be used, as they give the maximum amount of burst, while still allowing some options for escape and surviving.

  • Healing Turret: Healing turret is on a low cooldown, and creates a water field that can then be blasted with the “detonate healing turret” tool belt skill, which will also trigger static discharge. It also gives another water field through “regenerating mist”, it’s standard tool belt skill.
  • Tool Kit: The tool kit gives the build incredibly high utility, with a block (which gives some much needed survivability), a pull and a high damage burst with pry bar. The tool belt skill “throw wrench” does high damage, along with static discharge, and gives vulnerability increasing succeeding burst.
  • Rifle Turret: The rifle turret gives more sources of vulnerability, another blast finisher for water fields and a high damage, low cooldown tool belt skill which gives more burst from static discharge.
  • Elixir S: Elixir S is this builds main source of survivability, as it gives invulnerability and invisibility, which this build lacks severely.
  • Supply Crate: Supply crate is still really the only viable elite skill for engineer, as it gives high damage and high healing within a large aoe.

How to play and key skills

This build has incredibly high ranged damage, but incredibly low survivability. This means your positioning in fights has to be almost perfect, as being caught out even slightly almost certainly means death. If played well static discharge can perform well in 1v1s, but it’s general lack of disengage makes it poor for far point attack, making it much more effective as part of a roaming pain train, or applying burst pressure in team fights.

  • Healing: The main healing comes from the healing turret, and you can get high amounts of healing through using finishers within the water field it creates. You can get two blast finishers for aoe heal by using both detonate healing and rifle turret, and can use “jump shot” for more personal healing through the leap finisher.
  • Overcharged Shot: Overcharged shot is a strong knock back with little to no obvious animation, making it very difficult to dodge. Your tool belt skill “surprise shot” can be used when you are knocked back, meaning using it after a knockback will make it and the static discharge damage unavoidable for your opponent.
  • Safe Stomps: You can give yourself a safe stomp on any class by using “Elixir S” after you have started the stomp, pop it before and you won’t be able to start the stomp. Against an engineer or warrior using “Throw Elixir S” can also allow a safe stomp.
  • Burst Timing: Your main source of burst comes from static discharge, which has an obvious animation, making it fairly easy for an opponent to dodge. For each skill other than “surprise shot” which was discussed above, timing your tool belt skills until after dodges or until your target is disables is advised. Immobilising your opponent with “net shot” is the most reliable source of lockdown that can lead to easy damage, especially through “blunderbuss” and “throw wrench,” two high damage skills.
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