Class Tier List – August 18th, 2015

Alas, another class tier list. I like to keep this up to date on a month to month basis because of how often I am asked what the best and worst classes are. Let us take a look!

Note: class tier lists are always based upon competitive play

8. Ranger

Ranger is by and far the worst class in Guild Wars 2 PvP. Rarely seen in competitive play, the only semi-viable build is power ranger, which can be handled and most of its damage mitigated quite easily. Furthermore, condition builds aren’t even in the question and don’t stand a chance against any other 1v1 build that is remotely viable. Let’s hope for some Ranger love in Heart of Thorns as they have been sitting at the bottom for quite some time now.

7. Guardian

While Guardians are quite a ways above the Ranger tier, they are still having issues being brought into some team compositions. Support Guardian is the meta build at this point and time and while it can dish out some insane heals and team support, is it worth the effort? An Elementalist gives good team support and does massive damage and has great mobility on top of it, so why the Guardian? I believe Guardians are playable in this meta but unfortunately aren’t a top pick. Lastly, I don’t want to forget mentioning the potency of a burn Guardian build. It’s solid and was played in the World Tournament Series Cologne, but unfortunately isn’t seen a whole lot.

6. Engineer

Engineers find themselves here due to lack of pressure and, for the lack of a better term, what they used to have in the old celestial meta. Previously on par with Elementalists not too long ago, Engineers find themselves without pressure and the sustainability they used to have. Because of this, they have resorted to marauders and soldiers amulets to keep up the power but not so much on the sustain. An Engineer is on the World Tournament Series Cologne victors team, but I definitely do not think it is in the best possible team composition.

5. Warrior

Previously a powerhouse along with the Engineer, Warriors have resorted to the ways of the berserker amulet. With the recent nerf to rampage, in that it has an extra 30 seconds on its cooldown and is shorter in duration, Warriors have fallen back a bit but are still a class to be reckoned with. The greatsword/hammer setup with triple stances would be the meta build and not something you want to let slip through your lines. The downstate cleave capabilities are tremendous and rampage in a 1v1 is not something to stick around for.

4. Necromancer

This was quite possibly the hardest pick of them all. I feel that the Necromancer is just shy of the third spot. Celestial Necromancer had never seen daylight until the recent major patch and has proved it potency in competitive PvP. While we rarely see power or condition focused builds, the celestial amulet with three signets has proven its dominance in 1v1s and team fights.

3. Thief

It feels like Thieves have never left the meta. Still atop most others, Thieves are almost a necessity for teams. Previously not having a Thief was unheard of but with Mesmers moving into the meta and making up for the lack of mobility without a Thief, we are starting to see things shift. Their dominance in having high mobility and spike damage seems to get the job done.

2. Mesmer

Charging up from the bottom of the pit, Mesmers have made their way back to number two. Previously at number one, the recent “bug fix” to their mantras has moved players to a more reasonable build. Still dominating with portal plays and extremely high damage, Mesmers haven’t strayed far from the previous rankings.

1. Elementalist

As number one atop the charts, Elementalist has proven to be an extremely strong pick for any and all teams. While we often see two of these per team, it is no longer uncommon to see three on a team and wonder why they would do such a thing. Providing excellent damage, team support, mobility, and any other form of help possible, Elementalists are the best class in PvP hands down. This class is tiers ahead of anyone else and, while they can be countered with certain builds, all-in-all those particular builds cannot compare to everything this class can accomplish.

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  • Engineers should be placed higher.

    Engineers have elixirs. That gives them possible access to Rampage on a shorter cooldown than the Warrior. They can toss Elixir X for those defensive Moa plays. Tossing Elixir S for quick stealth plays. Tossing Elixir B for stability. Elixirs also remove conditions when used.

    I think Engineers usually add more to a team comp than most Warriors. Especially, if your team is already running with high sustain classes, like double D/D Elementalists and/or Celestial Signet Necromancers.

  • I think you should do an article on best/meta team comps you see in competitive plays instead of individual classes. It’d be really interesting to read.