Class Tier List – February 9th, 2016

With the new patch being in play for the past couple of weeks, I decided rank the nine classes as per request. Keep in mind this list is without Pro League play, given that there haven’t been any matches and won’t be until the season 1 finals on February 20th; all of which could alter this list since I’m sure we’re yet to see some new builds come into play.

9. Mesmer

From the top to the bottom. Although there may be some interesting bunker mesmer builds being thrown around, at this point all else is really out of the question for this class. The superior damage and sustainability from other high damage classes blows any chance of shatter mesmer viability out of the water. With all this in mind, I don’t believe mesmer is totally defeated just yet, but is a struggling class that even some of the best have given up on for this patch.

8. Warrior

We’ve seen a slight rise in warrior play since the latest patch, which has made way for a few interesting builds. Although you may see the occasional rifle or condition warrior, it’s by no means comparable to the offensive power of revenants or condition pressure from necromancers. I highly doubt to see any warriors in action in competitive play once it resumes.

7. Guardian

The line is drawn right about here in terms of competitive play. Now that thieves are back in the mix, guardians may have a spot as well to help deal with them or even just as an interchangeable class on some rosters. With five unique classes being required for the season 2 Pro League, there is a good chance one or two of these will pop up into the mix.

6. Elementalist

Elementalist is likely the most controversial class of them all in terms of their current situation. While I believe we’re yet to see the best of the best take this class to its highest point of this patch, I think there’s some untapped potential with the elementalist that we will see in competitive play.

5. Thief

This was a though spot for me given how good or bad a thief could be for any given team. I think this class requires a good amount of skill to make it in the harsh world dominated by revenants and engineers, but when playing to its strengths you can find a great deal of success due to it’s high damage and mobility. The dagger/pistol and staff weapon sets are fairly interchangeable given how both can be viable, but there are definitely inherent weaknesses to both.

4. Ranger

With the downfall of many support builds from the previous meta, ranger may have hit the spotlight. With plenty of sustain for you and your team, Search and Rescue adds to the list of reasons you or your team may pick one up. Some may argue that Search and Rescue isn’t as good as it seems, but we haven’t seen competitive play yet so that’s rather hard to gauge… even from scrims alone which are never a true competitive environment.

3. Necromancer

The step between #3 and #4 isn’t significant, but is quite large compared to the difference between necromancer, revenant, and engineer altogether. The necromancer has found success where it counts in this meta largely thanks to the new scepter buffs among other things. Necromancers will be the number one target for all teams, so tread carefully!

2. Engineer

The sustain and damage from the engineer is unmatched and superior to most. Any and all teams ranging from unranked to Pro League will want one on their side given how strong they are in this meta.

1. Revenant

A hard pick for the number one spot, but I feel that power revenant is still the king of them all. The sustain, damage, and mobility from revenant cannot be compared to anything else which shows how powerful they are. Focused down, they can be dealt with but you’ll have to go through several layers of cooldowns to get them to a vulnerable state.

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  • MetalWrath666

    Nice tier list, but I would give my 2cents on the currently situation before the PvP season 2.
    For me, the tier list is like this:

    1. Revenant: I agree with your point of view, it’s the profession to defeat.
    2. Necros: For me it’s the 2nd prof to defeat, alot of conditions spreading in large AoE. Reaper are powerfull, minionmancer has an army of pet kitten around the map. Whatever is your style, reaper o necro old style, it’s really powerfull.
    3. Engineer: I totally agree with your description.
    4. Guardian: I know, somebody says that the DH aren’t really competitive.. But, I have to say that if you learn to play DH properly, they are too powerfull and give alot of support on party. Currently, both DH and Daredevil are the profs with the highest damage ever.
    5. Thief: What can I say? After January 26 patch the DD are almost essential in a team comps. They can kill Necros, they can oneshot DH, they can decap really fast the point. Now thief are viable!
    6. Warrior: I’m not mad, the warrior are viable. Yes, the problem of this prof are still here, but with increased healing, decreased CD of some weapons, and a some changes about ‘serker, now warrior can make difference. I play warrior since the game was released, it’s my main prof, and previously 26 Jan I said the warrior are the worst profs ever. But I’ve admit that after 26 January the Warrior became viable… Only you have to play the right build!
    7. Ranger: Deletion of Celestial amulet influenced alot this profs. For sure paladin can help, but it’s not the same stuff. With celestial it was immortal, now it can be defeated (with ‘serker is really easy to overwhelm druid).
    8. Elementalist: as same as ranger… Tempest isn’t find the right build.
    9. Mesmer: it’s incredible how is became mesmer. Chronos are really fragile, and only way to play it is with old build.

    That’s my 2cents about the currently situation.
    Let’s see with the start of the new pvp season.