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ne of the more troubling things about Guild Wars 2 PvP is finding a group of players you enjoy playing with and are looking to improve their individual play. Since the closing of the Looking For Team forum, it is more difficult than ever to find the right group of players or even four others who want to be on a team for that matter.

Aside from free agency in the Academy Gaming weekly tournaments, there is no other way for individuals to participate in tournaments unless they manage to get a group together. What I’m about to unveil are just a few ways players can join with each other to play in tournaments on a weekly basis. There is no game that is more unstable in terms of teams sticking together through harsh times and arguments than Guild Wars 2 and I hope to establish the basis for why that is.

While anyone can queue up as a solo player in unranked or ranked queues, you cannot actually make your way into competitive, or even casual, tournament play without a group to play with. While one may be tempted to begin with a team upon immediately entering the PvP world, take into consideration that a solid understanding and amount of experience is essential to playing with a team, regardless of the level of play. It is crucial that players understand the concept of  conquest, mechanical skill class-wise, and rotations from point to point as an individual.

One of the biggest issues with competitive play in the PvP scene is lack of reasoning to stay with the same group of players. Tournament after tournament many teams continuously disband and reform with new members due to arguments or lack of performance by certain individuals. Unlike in Guild Wars 2, other games give teams a reason to stick together. This includes, but is not limited to, the LCS in League of Legends. While teams occasionally have replacements or core members become substitutes, there is only one time during the year that teams will fully disband and reform (the end of the world championships). These players also have contracts which bind them to a team for a certain amount of time with pay included.

The best way to combat this as players, since we do not have control over leagues or contracts, is to be certain that the players we are choosing to put ourselves with are people that we enjoy playing with. Whether or not a player is necessarily good, as long as they have room for improvement and are willing to learn, for that matter, it is crucial that these players are people you want to surround yourself with. While we all may get upset, argue, and rage a little, making sure you won’t disband after one single tournament is essential to continuing on a path with a team.

Teammates may be difficult to find, but I can tell you that there are hundreds of others just like you that are looking for a team. For those of you that have friends you PvP with, ask around and see if any of them would be interested in forming a team. If you happen to be the one PvPer in your group of friends, it’s time for you to branch out. This can be done by participating as free agent in the Academy Gaming weekly which is a good way to meet some new people and add a few extra contacts to your list on potential teammates. If that doesn’t pan out, I cannot tell you how often I see individuals looking for others to party with in the Heart of the Mists chat. This, again, is a great way to meet some new people and see if you would like to group up with them later on down the road. Ultimately, being open about who you play with and not having crazy expectations is the best way to get yourself some contacts and potential teammates.

Another tactic is asking known PvPers in the community if they have any suggestions or know of any teams looking to recruit. I am asked on a daily basis if anyone is looking for a 5th teammate and I often am able to shovel out a few names of other individuals looking for a team. While I, like many others, do not keep a list of people looking for teams, we often know who is on the market and who is not.

Lastly, getting yourself involved in a PvP guild, or even a PvE guild that has some PvP activities, is one of the best ways to find yourself a team. With new PvP guilds recruiting on a daily basis, Academy Gaming included, there will be plenty of people who PvP as much as you do and would be delighted to have a chance to begin a team with you and other individuals. Although most PvP guilds do not require 100% representation of their guild, or perhaps none at all, they are in the guild for a reason: they are looking to PvP. That being said, never hesitate to ask players who may not be representing a guild if they would like to group up because odds are, they’re looking for a team as well.

Finding a team in Guild Wars 2 is a difficult, yet satisfying, journey that many players abandon because of uncertainty with how to approach it. While here at Academy Gaming we hope to fill that hole in some way or another, it is up to the players themselves to take the initiative. Do you have any tips for individuals looking for teams? Let us know in the comments below!

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