Guild Wars 2 Class Tier List – April 27th, 2016


The updated Academy Gaming Guild Wars 2 PvP class tier list as of April 27th, 2016.

I have decided to try a different way of doing this. In the past I would base this on my own experience in queues and watching scrimmages, but this time I have decided to poll more than 10 Pro League players at random, from both regions, and find the average.

I realize this is quite the change from my past way of doing this, so let me know if you like this or would like to see it done differently!

S Tier

Mesmer, Revenant

Mesmer was a top class in the previous meta, providing excellent team mobility with portal, great condition pressure, and being an all-around solid class for any roster. Recent changes have been all buffs for the mesmer, which has only make this class even better than it was before. Running the same meta build, Flow of Time’s increase in alacrity uptime has only made this stronger which puts mesmer at the top of the charts. It’s superior 1v1 capabilities with it’s condition pressure and survivability, on top of Signet of Humility and portal, makes this a must-have for any team composition. Expect to see a mesmer on every team for the remainder of this season’s Pro League.

Although Revenant didn’t see any significant buffs or nerfs, this class has always been a nuisance in many Guild Wars 2 PvP matches. Being one of the best in applying massive amounts of pressure while surviving through continuous onslaughts, revenant seems to do it all. The precision strike nerf may tone down the overall revenant damage numbers, but won’t do the trick of knocking it off the highest damage dealt board. Its survivability was also hit minimally with the riposting shadows change, but still isn’t enough to keep revenant away from being one of the best. You’ll most definitely see this class continue to dominate every composition.

A Tier

Elementalist, Ranger

Elementalist seems to still be on stronger end of things. Some players are in flux as to whether or not this class has a permanent place in the current meta. It may be too early too tell, but is an elementalist the best way to fill a support slot? Much of the previous meta’s condition pressure has drifted away with necromancer itself, leaving us wondering whether or not the elementalist’s heals and condition clear is of any use. Still, with great versatility and utility, an elementalist can make a large difference. There weren’t many significant changes to the current build used in competitive play, but rather, in some cases, fairly odd buffs that could break out new builds in the coming weeks.

Ranger seems to have gotten an increase in attention over the last week, with most team compositions potentially favoring it over an elementalist. With this class receiving a large amount of buffs to several weapon sets and traits, the Search & Rescue nerf was one that had many rangers fretting about their future in this meta. However, there have been some changes in opinion about where this class belongs, and it seems like it will be in nearly every team composition in the coming weeks.

B Tier

Engineer, Thief

Engineer seems to be a controversial class in the community as of now, being unsure where this one will fall. While it’s evident this class was on the receiving end of some very influential nerfs to its kit, there may yet be room for engineers. I think the question here is whether or not anything else that was previously overlooked by teams now outclasses the engineer in what it previously did. If the answer is no, engineer is a go. I don’t think engineer will fall out of the meta, but its a class that I doubt we’ll see on every team, as opposed to the last meta where very few were without one.

Surprisingly enough, thief may have found a slot with necromancer going out of style. It did receive some fairly good buffs which seem to lead to better damage and reasonably higher survivability. Is it anything to be sold on just yet? Highly doubtful. Again, compositions for pro teams are still in flux and whether or not we’ll see the ‘once legendary’ thieves return is still a mystery. I’m confident we will see a few out on the battlefield when Pro League resumes on May 9th, but it won’t be the core component to any composition.

C Teir

Necromancer, Warrior

Once God tier, necromancer has been dethroned and finding itself struggling, making way for some other classes to get some of the spotlight. The altering of Deathly Chill and “Chilled to the Bone!” have certainly sent necromancers back to the drawing board, trying to find out what will become of their class. It’s a tough spot, seeing as most other classes received buffs whereas this class found the opposite of just that. I’m confident we’ll see a few necromancers, but this class will no longer be a necessity to any composition.

While it’s been some time since we’ve seen a warrior in the Heart of the Mists, it’s a refreshing sight. Most builds that are currently in play are condition dealers or support, but still not what is needed to find a firm place to take a stand in the evolving meta. It is certainly viable for our unranked and ranked queues, which is honestly better than what most had hoped for with the latest patch. However, competitive play seems to do just fine without them thus far, and while we’re yet to see any official matches take place, it’s doubtful warrior will take a stand come May 9th.

D Tier


Guardians seemed to get the shaft of the update, mainly getting their one and only viable build nerfed. True Shot’s damage reduction, on top of the Hunter’s Ward change, makes the “new” guardian build the same thing, only weaker. It’s refreshing to see some shouts buffed, but it’s definitely nowhere close to achieving what an elementalist or ranger can do in the support role. Guardian is definitely at the bottom of pit and with the projectile hate given from elementalists and engineers, it won’t find its way onto a pro roster. All things aside, guardian can still be enjoyed in a queue without receiving too much disapproval from your teammates like we experienced with warrior just a few weeks ago.


  • Mesmer received 100% S tier votes
  • Engineer had the largest spread, ranging from A tier to D tier
  • Guardian received the only F tier vote
  • Guardian’s highest vote was C tier
  • Warrior, previously regarded as the worst class in PvP, received 60% of votes in the B Tier, showing its drastic improvement from the latest patch
  • Two of the previous meta’s most highly regarded classes, elementalist and necromancer, received votes as low as C tier
  • Thief hit A tier once, but 55% of votes were in C tier
  • Revenant only received S and A tier votes
  • Ranger received 91% votes in the S or A tier, with only one B tier vote

If you would like to see any specific information, let me know in the comments below!

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