Guild Wars 2 Power Rankings 5/14/2016


Below are the updated power rankings through five weeks of play in the Guild Wars 2 Pro League for both North America and Europe.


S Tier: Rank Fifty Five Dragons (5-0)

A Tier: (-) Vermillion (4-1) | The Civilized Gentlemen (4-1)

B Tier:

C Tier:  Purple Noise (2-3) | More Guns Than Roses (2-3)

D Tier: Super Smash (1-4) | Orange Logo (0-5)

S Tier

Rank Fifty Five Dragons (5-0)

Rank Fifty Five Dragons grabbed another victory this past Monday, taking down Purple Noise 2-0. This continues their dominance in the European scene, holding the sole spot at the top of the standings. In the final two weeks they will go up against More Guns Than Roses and Vermillion, trying to secure the number one seed in Europe. A combined 7-3 record between these two final opponents will prove to be another test for this group who continue to find success no matter who they go up against. Keep an eye out for the week seven match with Vermillion.

A Tier

The Civilized Gentlemen (4-1)

Another game in the books for The Civilized Gentlemen, with a couple of their players facing off against former teammates. Winning this series allowed them to hold onto the second spot in the race for the top two. They will need to finish out the remaining two series against Super Smash and More Guns Than Roses without dropping any games to stay on top of Vermillion. The addition of ROM and Denshee clearly has paid off thus far and with a few weeks left in the regular season, The Civilized Gentlemen’s future looks bright.

Vermillion (4-1)

With Frostball out for the remainder of the season, the previous iteration of Vermillion’s roster is back in action once again. They breezed past Super Smash in week five, as Argi moved over to the mesmer in Frostball’s absence. Next week they will grab the win against Car Crashed with their disqualification, leaving only a week seven series against Rank Fifty Five Dragons for them to deal with. This is a must-win situation if they want to qualify for the finals, which could potentially push Rank Fifty Five Dragons out of the running if the upset falls through.

C Tier

Purple Noise (2-3)

Purple Noise fell behind early on against Rank Fifty Five Dragons this past Monday, finding themselves losing the series 0-2. Although they faced the best team in the European league, it was a much better showing this time around as opposed to last season. They will receive the automatic victory in week seven against Car Crashed, leaving them with only one series remaining against Orange Logo next week. This is a perfect matchup for this team who are looking to go above the .500 mark if all goes well. Nonetheless, this season has been a major turnaround for Purple Noise, drastically outperforming their showing late last year.

More Guns Than Roses (3-2)

This past week’s match against Car Crashed gave them a week of rest, leaving them at a 3-2 record with two weeks remaining. More Guns Than Roses faces off against Rank Fifty Five Dragons in week six and The Civilized Gentlemen in week seven, both of which are at the top of the standings and will be a handful down the stretch. This team has had their rough spots throughout the season but if they’re able to come up big in one of these series, it could shake up the standings. They have had some great runs in the past, so I wouldn’t put either of these games past them just yet.

D Tier

Orange Logo (1-4)

Dropping to The Civilized Gentlemen this past week wasn’t their best performance, as they now reside with a 1-4 record. Orange Logo find themselves going up against two of the other teams at the bottom of the standings in the final weeks with Purple Noise and Super Smash. This group will bring their best efforts to finish this season strong, putting everything on the line before it all comes to a close.

Super Smash (1-4)

Super Smash found themselves fighting for scraps against Vermillion who blew them away this past Monday. Now they need to reconvene and fight off both The Civilized Gentlemen and Orange Logo in their final two sets. The Civilized Gentlemen will be a never-ending uphill battle, while Orange Logo may be more evenly matched. As this is their first season in the Pro League, Super Smash will still be fighting to come out with a second victory in the few remaining weeks of play to try and prove themselves and hold onto their spot in the Pro League.

North America

S Tier: Astral Authority (5-0) | (+) Team PZ (5-0)

A Tier: Final Form (3-2)

B Tier: Ez Pz Lemon Squeezy (3-2) | Never Lucky (3-2)

C Tier: Gems N Tonic (1-4)

D Tier: Spoookie (0-5) | eDream (0-5)

S Tier

Astral Authority (5-0)

Astral Authority took on Final Form with Trackful instead of Chaith this past Monday, looking to take advantage of a new composition which featured both a thief and a revenant. It was an intense series between these two teams, with Astral coming out on top on the Forest of Niflhel and battling back in an intense game on the Battle of Kyhlo to keep the streak continuing, cutting it close with their 2-1 victory. With another undefeated season in their sights, they still have to deal with both Gems N Tonic and Team PZ before they rest.

Team PZ (5-0)

Team PZ handled Gems N Tonic with ease this past week, coming out with arguably the most dominant performance of the evening. Showing no signs of slowing down, Team PZ have their eyes on the number one seed for North America at the finals. They will face off against Never Lucky next week and Astral Authority in week seven. Last season Astral Authority managed to win that bout, but this is an entirely different Team PZ squad they will be dealing with this time around. Expect two thrilling matches for Team PZ in these final weeks of play.

A Tier

Final Form (3-2)

Final Form took it to Astral Authority last Monday, picking up a map for themselves on Legacy of the Foefire. Battle of Kyhlo was Final Form’s map to take, holding an early lead but was swiftly turned around from several fights that gave Astral the boost they needed to win the series. While they have dropped to 3-2, Final Form has definitely impressed throughout this season and will continue to do so in their final two matches against Ez Pz Lemon Squeezy and Spoookie. A top three finish isn’t out of reach for this squad as they finish out the remainder of their season holding their heads high.

B Tier

Never Lucky (3-2)

Never Lucky’s roster changes and class swaps had them in a few rough spots against a win-less Spoookie, but nonetheless came through with the 2-0 victory. Even with the new addition of Bear, who had an entire season of experience with them previously, there were some things that seemed to be in flux. In the interview with Olrun, he assured us that Never Lucky will be working hard to patch things up as they head into their biggest match of the season with Team PZ next week. This is all-or-nothing for Never Lucky who will need to win this to keep their season finals hopes alive.

Ez Pz Lemon Squeezy (3-2)

Ez Pz Lemon Squeezy has had the most roster changes of any team throughout this season, now taking Ostrich Eggs out of the main lineup and bringing Chudat back into the mix. Chudat was a big part of this team’s relative success throughout season one and helped them bring home a 2-1 victory over eDream this past Monday. The combination of Ementon and Edison helped them bring massive pressure with Edison back on the thief for the first time in a while. Their final two matches against Final Form and Never Lucky won’t be easy, as they will be battling for a spot in the upper-half of the standings.

C Tier

Gems N Tonic (1-4)

It was a rough series for this squad, as they took on a powerful Team PZ in which they dropped 0-2. However, their final two series of the season will be against both Astral Authority and eDream, one of which is yet to taste victory. This is a prime opportunity for Gems N Tonic to grab another win before this season ends, as they hope to finish on a high note. With this being this group’s first season of pro play, finishing with a few wins in their pocket is a great way to make their debut in pro play.

D Tier

eDream (0-5)

eDream came out with their first victory in a single game this past week, though it came at the hands of Ez Pz’s own mistakes. Even so, this is nothing to put past them, as they look as if they are continuing to bring their best play despite Bear’s departure for Never Lucky. The addition of Ipno is an excellent pickup, with his past experience in the pro scene proving to help their cause. He will be a valuable asset as eDream faces off against Spoookie and Gems N Tonic in their remaining weeks.

Spoookie (0-5)

Spoookie once again gave a team a bit of a scare, taking it to Never Lucky by putting up over 350 points on the Forest of Niflhel. This may come as no surprise to some, seeing as they have proven time and time again that they are not to be underestimated in these big matchups. Despite the win-less record, they still are yet to face off against eDream and Final Form, meaning a win could potentially come in the near future. Keep an eye out for them in the last two weeks of play as they attempt to stir up the standings.

European Standings

Place Team Name Record (Matches Played)
1  Rank Fifty Five Dragons 5-0 (10-0)
2 Vermillion 4-1 (8-2)
2 The Civilized Gentlemen 4-1 (8-2)
4 More Guns Than Roses 3-2 (7-4)
4 Purple Noise 2-3 (4-7)
6 Super Smash 1-4 (2-8)
6 Orange Logo 1-4 (2-8)

North American Standings

Place Team Name Record (Matches Played)
1 Astral Authority 5-0 (10-2)
1 Team PZ 5-0 (10-1)
3 Final Form 3-2 (7-5)
3 Ez Pz Lemon Squeezy 3-2 (7-5)
3 Never Lucky 3-2 (7-4)
6 Gems N’ Tonic 1-4 (3-8)
7 eDream 0-5 (1-10)
7 Spoookie 0-5 (0-10)

Next Week’s Schedule


Date Team 1 Team 2
5/16 @10am PST/5pm UTC Orange Logo Purple Noise
5/16 Rank Fifty Five Dragons More Guns Than Roses
5/16 Super Smash The Civilized Gentlemen

North America

Date Team 1 Team 2
5/16 @5pm PST/12am UTC Team PZ Never Lucky
5/16 Astral Authority Gems N Tonic
5/16 Spoookie eDream
5/16 Final Form Ez Pz Lemon Squeezy

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