The Guild Wars 2 Pro League Resumes May 9th


Three weeks remain in the battle for glory as teams hit the mists once again to finish their quest for dominance in the second season of the Pro League. With several impactful matchups still remaining, we cannot be for certain which four teams will finish atop it all and qualify for the season finals in Burbank, California.

Europe’s race has been intense, living up to many of our expectations. With Rank Fifty Five Dragons, The Civilized Gentlemen, and Vermillion sitting at the top of the standings, let’s take a look at what it will take for them to qualify for the season finals.

Rank Fifty Five Dragons

Your season one finals champions, Rank Fifty Five Dragons, are looking to finish this season with yet again another perfect record. Having not dropped a single set in season one, they’re continuing to be the powerhouse we expected. Their next two matches against Purple Noise and More Guns Than Roses show a combined 4-4 record, proving they’ll need to keep their game intact if they want get past these two teams.

Purple Noise has exceeded expectations this season, drastically improving from their 0-7 record last season. Even so, both them and More Guns Than Roses have nothing to lose in giving it their all against Rank Fifty Five Dragons.

Their week seven match with Vermillion will be the series to keep an eye out for. This match will have serious implications for this team’s seeding, but not necessarily whether or not they’ll make the finals. That being said, these are two teams you will never want to miss out on. It was a thrilling three game series the last time they met, so we can only expect a similar one this time around.

Rank Fifty Five Dragons will need to win two more of their series to guarantee safe passage to the LAN event in late June. Winning only two will not necessarily give them the number one seed if Vermillion manages to beat them and qualify.

The Civilized Gentlemen

The Civilized Gentlemen hold their destiny in their own hands now, with three opponents remaining who have a combined record of 2-10. Their victory over Vermillion in week two did wonders for this team, who have adopted some old players over the last couple of weeks by bringing ROM and Denshee back to the squad. These two hope to help their team finish their fight and grab one of the slots for Europe.

Orange Logo, Super Smash, and More Guns Than Roses are what is left for this group to take down. If they happen to drop a single game in any of the three series, Vermillion will have a chance to beat them out if they can defeat Rank Fifty Five Dragons. Orange Logo may be yet to prove themselves, seeing as it’s ROM and Denshee’s old team, facing off against their former teammates, namely Sindrener and Tage. Although the once great legacy of this team may be in the past, they’ve seemed to surprise us recently and I wouldn’t put it past Orange Logo to do it again.

More Guns Than Roses has had a bit of an up and down season, making it difficult to gauge what sort of a chance they have to take down this giant. While anything is possible, as we’ve seen with countless miraculous comebacks throughout the last several weeks, it will be an uphill battle all series long.

The Civilized Gentlemen are close to securing a slot at a LAN for the first time since the World Tournament Series in Cologne, where they last faced off against their old rivals, now teammates, ROM and Denshee. With a lot riding on their finals appearance, The Civilized Gentlemen won’t be backing down from anyone at this stage of the season.


A tough break for them has sent their chances of getting to their second season finals plummeting, meaning finishing out the rest of their season 3-0 is essential. With the loss of their newest recruit, Frostball, they’ll need to head back to the drawing board to hash out their game plan.

Their toughest opponent will be Rank Fifty Five Dragons in week seven, who they will need to defeat 2-0. Doing this would qualify them over Rank Fifty Five Dragons, assuming they do not lose any games throughout the remainder of their season. It is still possible for Vermillion to grab the overall number one seed if one of The Civilized Gentlemen’s opponents is able to take a single game from them. Either of these scenarios qualify Vermillion if they finish without a mishap, but achieving both will give them the number one seed for Europe at the finals.


North America is quite the tale this season, with many ups and downs from the majority of the teams, leaving the field wide open. Team PZ, Astral Authority, Final Form, and Never Lucky are the favorites for a two top spot at the season’s end. Those two spots are currently held by Team PZ and Astral, one of which will see defeat in week seven. The other still have to work to do, so let’s take a look at what they’ll need to do in order to qualify.

Astral Authority

Once again searching for the undefeated season, many are fretting about what may come of Astral Authority in the coming weeks. They will be facing Final Form, Gems N Tonic, and Team PZ, two of which will be out for blood in an attempt to steal their finals spot.

Astral will need to win two out of the three games to qualify, in which a 6-1 record will not necessarily guarantee the top seed, but at least a spot in the finals. Beating Final Form will not come easy, as they have given us a complete turnaround from their season one performance. Team PZ, like Final Form, are a dominant force in the North American scene and arguably one of the contenders to take this team down.

The picture isn’t quite clear at the moment, but it is for certain the final match in the second season of the Pro League will have great implications, with it being between Team PZ and Astral. This ranges from either making it into the top two or seeding for the finals. Their winning this season comes as no surprise to most, but what would befall this team if they dropped a series? It’s been over 16 months since they’ve lost a competitive series to a North American team, just showing what a battle it has been for these other North American teams since then.

Team PZ

One of the most up and coming teams in all of pro play, Team PZ also controls their own fate. They’ll need to battle past at least two of their three opponents which include Gems N Tonic, Never Lucky, and Astral Authority. Of course, none of these games will come easily with both Never Lucky and Astral Authority knowing they’ll need victories to advance as well.

Team PZ started out this season struggling, scraping by with wins against eDream and Ez Pz Lemon Squeezy. However, if the last week of play against Final Form showed anything, it’s that this squad has come a long ways once again and are back in full strength. They’ve had plenty of time to prepare for their match with Never Lucky in week six, which is the one to keep an eye out for, given it will determine which of the two head to the finals. Team PZ is continuing to be a staple in the scene and will be doing everything they can to power through their final opponents.

Final Form

Final Form’s last three weeks are as critical as any. Losing to Team PZ has set them back, but not pushed them out of the running. Matches with Astral Authority, Ez Pz Lemon Squeezy, and Spoookie will all make the difference.

Though a win in week five versus Astral will set them on their way, it’s an extremely tough matchup and without the win, they’ll need to rely on other teams to help them out. Namely, this would mean Never Lucky beating Team PZ and Final Form coming out on top with a better overall match record. However, we know how tough this team can be and they won’t be looking for the easy way out here, trying their best to win all three of their series.

Never Lucky

Never Lucky have their dreams on the line once again this split. Facing Spoookie, Team PZ, and Ez Pz Lemon Squeezy over the next three weeks will test their fortitude. A crucial game against Team PZ in week six won’t be all they need to guarantee a finals appearance, but they will need Final Form to lose at least one of their series and come up with an overall better record by the end of the season.

Thankfully for Never Lucky, they took a game off of Astral back in week one, which could be the make or break if Final Form comes up empty handed in that matchup. With the recent loss of Steel and adding Bear back to the group, Never Lucky will be looking for a resurgence in the remainder of the Pro League, hoping to end on a high note.

Be sure to tune in when the second season of the Pro League resumes on May 9th over at!

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