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With the first two seasons of the Guild Wars 2 Pro League behind us, we are ready to move forward into the World Championship Qualifier weekend. This will feature six teams from each region fighting it out for the top three spots to qualify for the biggest single-event prize pool in Guild Wars 2 history. This $200,000 tournament will be the first time we’ve ever had six teams at a live event which will be hosted on September 17th at the ESL Studios in Burbank, California.

Taking a look at the competition, Europe will be fielding both The Civilized Gentlemen and Rank Fifty Five Dragons, each of which are Pro League Season 2 Finalists, and will present the same rosters as they did just one month ago. Some teams like Orange Logo are bringing in some fresh blood to round out their remaining spots and Vermillion will be reverting back to their Season 1 Finals roster.


The talent will be seeded according to their Season 2 finish and played in a double-elimination format, meaning both The Civilized Gentlemen and Rank Fifty Five Dragons will receive first-round byes. This will pit third seeded Vermillion against the sixth seeded Super Smash and Orange Logo will face off against Purple Noise in the first round.

European Bracket

As shown in the bracket, there will be several terrific series throughout this event. Vermillion may get a rematch with Rank Fifty Five in the winner’s bracket semifinals while the newly reformed Orange Logo (Sindrener, Tage, Lord Asura, Rayzen, Kaazers) might find themselves playing against their former teammates in The Civilized Gentlemen.

While it’s expected of TCG and Rank Fifty Five to qualify, they’ll have to keep an eye out for Vermillion and Orange Logo. I believe these two will be the one fighting it out for that final spot, however, seeding will matter for the World Championship, thus all games will be played. The difference between winning the entire qualifier and getting second/third will mean a bye in the first round on September 17th.

This qualifier is quite possibly the biggest wildcard of all time with Rank Fifty Five coming up short at the Season 2 Finals and having both Orange Logo and Vermillion bringing out contending rosters. This is everything the teams have been working towards since the start of the Pro League back in November of 2015 and they’ll do everything it takes to slot themselves in for the championship.

Commentator Predictions (1st, 2nd, 3rd):
Storm: Rank Fifty Five Dragons, The Civilized Gentlemen, Vermillion
Heurix: The Civilized Gentlemen, Rank Fifty Five Dragons, Vermillion
Jebro: The Civilized Gentlemen, Rank Fifty Five Dragons, Vermillion

North America’s scene has been in a bit of chaos post-Season 2, with the total reformation of Final Form and Never Lucky in that they look fairly unrecognizable at a glance. Ez Pz Lemon Squeezy as well as eDream have new additions with the remaining two teams keeping similar rosters as they take up arms in the race for the top three.

North American Bracket

Both Team PZ and Astral Authority will receive byes due to their performances in Season 2, with Final Form taking on Never Lucky and Ez Pz Lemon Squeezy heading up against eDream. Final Form’s new roster of Zeromis, Trackful, Sunfish, Stalagta and Brenslo has been unstable in recent weeks and has went through several big changes, keeping their coordination in flux. Although Final Form has some roster instability, they’ll face off against Never Lucky who now fields Olrun, Moobs, Ipno, Jeff, and Kralle, showing a complete reformation of the roster throughout the off-season themselves.


Ez Pz and eDream will be meeting once again, however Bear, formally of Never Lucky, will be rejoining his old teammates from Season One who also added Karina and Amon into the mix. Ez Pz ended the regular season with an astonishing third place finish but have since made a roster change with Tarcis, formally of Apex Prime, now making his debut with this roster.

With all but two rosters taking on some form of a change in the recent weeks it’s a tough call on who will make the top three. Ez Pz finished their season strong but will have to adapt to take down Never Lucky and Final Form who are on the up and coming. Astral and Team PZ aren’t quite guaranteed their own positions just yet despite the field thinning out. All teams are ready to go as take it to the Heart of the Mists in their biggest Guild Wars 2 tournament yet.

Commentator Predictions (1st, 2nd, 3rd):
Storm: Astral Authority, Team PZ, Final Form
Heurix: Astral Authority, Team PZ, Never Lucky
Jebro: Astral Authority, Never Lucky, Team PZ

The European qualifier will begin this Saturday at 8am Pacific/11am Eastern/5pm CEST while the North American qualifier will begin this Sunday at 10am Pacific/1pm Eastern/7pm CEST at!

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