[symple_tab title=”General Information”]
The Academy Gaming weekly tournament series is a competitive Guild Wars 2 PvP event hosted on NA servers. This tournament series was created to spark more competitive play among teams and encourage more teams to form within PvP community.

Any player that has qualified for the prizing of cash or gems within 7 days of this event is not allowed to participate on any team. This rule is in effect only for 5v5 tournaments.

Free Agents

  1. Signing up as a free agent puts you under a strict ruleset that must be followed in order to participate
  2. We want all players to have communication, thus, players must check-in on Battlefy AND report to the Academy Gaming Teamspeak server (meatyfrog [dot] com:1337) AT LEAST 30 minutes before the tournament begins, which would be 5:00pm Pacific/7:00pm Eastern; failure to do so will result in you not being put on to a team
  3. When you join the AG Teamspeak, you may wait in the lobby or PM an admin to be put into an appropriate channel

Things to Remember

  1. All games series are a best of 3
  2. Any player that has qualified for the prizing of cash or gems within 7 days of this event is not allowed to participate on any team
  3. Any player from EU is allowed to participate as long as they have an account on the NA servers & assuming they did not qualify for any gem or cash prizing within 7 days of the event
  4. The base bracket will always show 16, but we allow for an unlimited amount of teams to enter
  5. All 5 players must be shown on your Battlefy roster
  6. One substitute is allowed per team (they may take one person’s roster position while the person being replaced is not allowed to reenter with that or any other team)
  7. All tournaments are free to enter and do not require being in Academy Gaming


[symple_tab title=”Schedule”]

  1. Check in begins at 5:00pm Pacific/8:00pm Eastern
  2. Players must check in their teams by 5:20pm Pacific/8:20pm Eastern; teams who do not check in on time will not be placed in the bracket


  1. The tournament will begin at 5:30pm Pacific/8:30pm Eastern
  2. Teams will be randomly seeded
  3. Team captains will be messaged at the start time by their room coordinator with the room information for their next match
  4. One match per round will be streamed (teams being streamed will be notified)
  5. Any teams that take longer than 5 minutes to lock-in and ready up for their match will be disqualified in order to maintain the tournament in a timely manner (if there are any complications with this, notify your room coordinator)


[symple_tab title=”Prizes”]
There is currently no prizing associated with the Academy Gaming weekly tournaments. Any donations to the prize pool will be given to the first place team.

[symple_tab title=”Contact Info”]
Admins & Room Coordinators

  1. Message an admin or room coordinator with any questions or inquiries
  2. Tichorum.2415 | Klow.8315


[symple_tab title=”Rules”]
The rules listed below are subject to change at any time without notice.

Making sure your teammates know the rules associated with this tournament is the responsibility of each member of each team. Not knowing any of these rules is not a valid excuse for breaking any of them. Breaking any rules may result in an immediate disqualification of the members associated with the rule breaking. If more than one member of a team is disqualified for breaking rules, the entire team will be disqualified due to the allowance of only one substitute per team. If the issue is being repeated on a weekly basis, members may be punished in accordance with the severance of their act(s), which could ultimately keep said players from participating in future tournaments.

  1. Any player that has qualified for the prizing of cash or gems within 7 days of this event is not allowed to participate on any team. This rule is in effect only for 5v5 tournaments.
  2. All teams will be given 5 minutes to join the server given to them by an admin, choose the appropriate side (matching with their bracket position), and ready-up; teams who do not comply in a timely manner may be disqualified
  3. Players are expected to show respect to one another at all times during the tournament; any bad-mouthing from any individual(s) will be taken seriously and penalization may occur
  4. All team names must be appropriate (you will be asked to change your name if it is not up to our expectations of ‘appropriate’)
  5. No player on any team is allowed to stream the event, regardless of whether or not your team is being streamed at the time of your game(s); recording is allowed
  6. Teams are expected to sign-up and check-in at the designated time; any team(s) not checked in by 5:20pm Pacific/8:20pm Eastern will not be entered into the tournament
  7. NA and EU teams are allowed to enter (assuming they comply with all rulings), however, all matches will be played on NA servers
  8. All matches will be played in a best of three format going in the following order: Forest of Niflhel -> Legacy of the Foefire -> Battle of Kyhlo
  9. Players may not make use of any form of hacking, mods, or exploits as defined by the Guild Wars 2 User Agreement…
  10. Game resets due to disconnects or other connection issues will be honored if they are within the first 60 seconds of the match beginning
  11. If a team has a disconnect or other connection issues occur after the 60 seconds and before the 12:00 mark (three minutes into the match) as well as holding a point lead of at least 50 points, a restart may be honored; no exceptions will be made and the admin in your server will hold the final decision on the matter
  12. Games will not be reset for any other reasons besides connection related issues
  13. One substitute is allowed per team and may only be brought in after a series (best of 3) has ended, not during a series at any point
  14. Any substitute that is brought in for a team must be on their registered roster and if brought in under any circumstances, will be the replacement for the remainder of the tournament, meaning the player that is replaced cannot return
  15. Teams will be given three minutes to change classes/builds between rounds in each series

If anyone has any questions or issues with the rules, PM an admin in-game.