Want to work with Academy Gaming?

Academy Gaming is set to bring top notch tournaments and content into our associated gaming communities. We’re always striving to become a better organization and you can be a part of that process! Whether you have little experience in the gaming industry or are a veteran, we invite you take a deeper look at our available positions and get in touch with us if one suits you.

Being a part of Academy Gaming will give you…

  • a step into the competitive side of gaming
  • an opportunity to be a part of something big while giving back to the community
  • outlets to network with others
  • experience and exposure in journalism within competitive gaming
  • a new network of friends to game with (since we are all gamers!)
  • …and much more!

Social Media Manager


  • Manage all related social media platforms
  • Report scores on a regular basis during live events
  • Connect with teams and organization on social media to create a wider reach in the community
  • Build up our social media standing

    Apply for Social Media Manager



  • Report on our events with recaps and results in a timely manner
  • Meet with teams for interviews following events
  • Consistent writing dealing with game meta, tier results, etc. (not required)

    Apply for Journalist

Tournament Administrator


  • Having a thorough understanding of the rulings and game(s) you’re associated with
  • Reporting scores during live events through our brackets
  • Running tournaments in a quick and efficient manner
  • Helping teams receive prizing following the completion of events

    Apply for Tournament Administrator

Graphic Designer


  • To keep our graphics for our events on live streams up to date
  • Having a creative mind to keep the style of Academy Gaming intact

    Apply for Graphic Designer