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Today I am taking a look at the new patch and what it has brought us in the PvP scene. We are just over one week into it and have seen a very limited amount of competitive play while being hardly comfortable with what has come thus far, but I would like to take a brief look at what we currently have at our disposal and what each class seems to be offering.

Keep in mind this class tier list is based upon competitive play and not formed around hotjoin, unranked, ranked, or 1v1s. This is also excluding all current bugs in the patch and is addressing the state of each individual class at this point in time. The list I have comprised is solely based upon my personal opinion from what I have seen in all six tournaments that have been played to this point in time.

8. Engineer

The Engineer was the most dominant class just over a week ago. With what seemed like several buffs to the class as a whole turned out to prove that the other classes got a much needed, better buff. Aside from the Grenadier trait being bugged, Engineer doesn’t offer quite as much as it previously did. While you can do some impressive damage when you get lucky with a Rampage out of Elixir S and sway the fight to favor your team (thanks to Chaith), there isn’t a lot of pressure being put out. Even when Grenadier is back in order, will the pressure be enough? The celestial amulet did get a significant nerf, but not enough to sway other classes away from it. We will have to see in the coming weeks if the top players can muster something up to put them back in the fray.

7. Ranger

The Ranger is pretty interchangeable with where Engineer currently stands. While we saw a buff to several sets of utilities, the buffs from other classes still overshadow what this class could have been. The condition Ranger had its go from several top players but fell short seeing as ranged damage proved to give it troubles with the changes to traps. Power ranger itself can be played to a certain extent but isn’t fairing well against other top classes, namely Thief and Mesmer, thus putting it quite low on the tier list.

6. Necromancer

We have seen some very powerful builds come out from some players that get the job done, but I still think there’s room for work from Necromancers around the Mists. They can provide some nasty condition output and transfers, but ultimately they did not make it too high on my list.  Signets are finally proving their worth which is great to see, but until more builds that are reliable as a whole surface, they won’t be going anywhere.

5. Guardian

Quite possibly the most controversial class of them all in terms of a tier list, Guardians have come a long way from just several months ago. While builds such as meditation Guardian may not be as optimal, we have seen the return of the bunker Guardian, at last! With two of the top three teams in the latest North American ESL Weekly Cup running a bunker Guardian, we can expect to see them surge forward and make a push into the meta they were out of for over a year. On top of this, we have seen other variations of Guardians including the notorious burn builds which have been proven useful in queues, but are yet to see the light in tournaments.

4. Thief

Some may say that Thieves are no longer the top berserker class, and they may be correct. Yet, there is still a place for them that classes like Warrior and Mesmer may not be able to fulfill. Still retaining their extremely high mobility and spike potential, Thieves will more than likely remain a part of the meta in the coming months proving to be useful on many different top tier teams. The dagger/pistol weapon set is the most dominant one we have seen thus far while sets like sword/dagger are nowhere to be found.

3. Warrior

This one was a tough choice because Warrior was greatly affected by this patch, most of which was harmful. However, with the surge in how powerful Rampage has become and with no nerf in sight, Warrior deserved the number three spot on the list. It was laughable to play with a berserker Warrior a few weeks ago, but now it could potentially be something we see on some of the best teams in the scene. While we are yet to see a survivability build surface, they are still a brute and one to be reckoned with.

2. Elementalist

After showing dominance over the past few months, the Elementalist was one to survive the patch. While certain builds and weapon sets may not be as strong as they previously were, others have surfaced to take their place. Dagger/focus and staff have proven to be very useful and still hold their own in every situation imaginable. Showing great strength with their team support, I have a feeling the Elementalist will be around for the remainder of this meta and prove to be useful on any given team.

1. Mesmer

From the depths of the deepest trashcan imaginable, Mesmer has risen to prove itself to be undoubtedly the best class in Guild Wars 2 PvP. Mesmsers have given us all troubles in PvP ranging from unkillable bunkers to 1-shot heroes that prove us to be useless at times. Mantras are finally seeing daylight and have proven to give a great amount of use in many builds allowing them to control opponents with interrupts, giving plenty of time to spike them down. They are in a great state right now and while many cries for nerfs are being heard, I think we need to give it some time. The most popular of builds in previous patches were not discovered until months after patch days. Who knows, two months from now the direct counter to Mesmer may be discovered!

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