Realm Hallow’s End Invite Recap

The Realm Hallow’s End Invite for North America was quite a success this past weekend, fielding 24 teams with their eyes set on the $900 prize pool. With many notable organizations such as Immortals, Method, Hammers Esports, Toronto Esports, Selfless Games, Denial Esports, Gale Force Esports, and KATT5, we knew there would be a ton of great action in store for us.

Immortals and Method were the two favorites coming into the tournament, both being atop the GosuGamers Overwatch standings, which helped them grab the number 1 and 2 seeds. In the round of 16, Immortals looked true to their form against Gale Force which helped them grab a 2-0 win to move on and face -bird noises- in the round of 8. -bird noises-, who recently grabbing Verbo,  helped the team step it up a notch in this round of 8 matchup. They managed to pull the biggest upset of the tournament and knock Immortals out winning 2-0.

On the bottom half of the bracket, underdogs Selfless Gaming picked off Method in a surprising 2-0 fashion. Method, previously undefeated in encounters with Selfless Gaming, was unable to field their full squad which certainly didn’t help them throughout their matches.



Continuing the trend of upsets, the recently reformed roster of KATT5 managed to pull off two 2-0 victories over The 1 Percent and Toronto Esports which would pit them against an up and coming -bid noises- in the semifinal matchup. KATT5 would manage to pull one map off of them but did end up falling 1-2. On the bottom half of the bracket, Selfless Gaming met Denial Esports who put up an impressive performance but fell short this time around dropping 1-2.

As we headed to the unexpected final between -bird noises- and Selfless Gaming, we weren’t quite sure what to expect going into it. As close as the series was, Selfless Gaming found themselves coming out on top when it came down to the wire time after time. This would amount to a 2-0 series win and a tournament victory for their squad.

Selfless Gaming came into the tournament as the 10th seed, based off of the GosuGamers rankings, but pulled out multiple upsets to find themselves victorious and taking home $600 from the prize pool.

Check out the brackets here if you’re looking to see where the other teams ended up.

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