Tips for New Players: Part 2

This is part 2 of an this series, find part 1 here.

6 A point holder’s role

This is mainly focused towards a small subset of classes, like guardian, warrior, and elementalist, as they are the best point holder classes at the moment, and is a mistake I see people make all the time. As a point holder, you should not be standing at your team’s “close point” much of the game, if any at alll. Doing this will effectively create 4 vs 5 situation for the rest of your team. It makes it easy for the enemy team to capture the other two points and just avoid you. However, if you make yourself active in fights at other points it makes those fights harder for the enemies to win, as they have to account for another member of your team (that being you).

7 Realize you can win by holding a two points

Many new players risk and lose matches by over extending and don’t realize that if you have two points captured for the whole match, you should win comfortably. However, if you have two points and attempt to take the third point, there is a high possibility that the other team will be able to capture at least one of yours, and defend the point you are going for, thus giving them the two points and a chance to catch up. Not counting points from kills, you will win in just over 8 minutes, and have double their points. This is especially important if the enemy team has a point holder defending their home point. Leave them as they are no contributing to their team. This is essentially what we went over not doing in the previous tip.

8 Know when to stomp

There are only a select few times when stomping an enemy in the downstate is the correct move. If you do not stomp someone they will die respawn at a later time, and therefore take longer to be an asset to their team. There are, however, some situations in which you should attempt to stomp: if the enemy is on a point that you are trying to cap, if the enemy has a skill that will allow them to get onto a point (thief, mesmer, elementalist), or if you have a downed ally that you need to rally. Other than that, let them bleed out to take them out of the game for longer because they are ultimately doing nothing good nor harming your team by dying off of a point.

9 Do not panic

This is a hard one to discuss, as it’s not easy to just not panic, however, it is imperative to winning fights in Guild Wars 2. Panicking leads to the worst possible practice, button spamming. This leads to wasted skills and wasted dodges. This is really something that comes with time and practice, and is hard to teach in a small paragraph; however there are some tips that coincidentally tie in with the rest of the advice given here. Learning the tells of skills from all classes can help you time yours: about to get hit by a hundred blades or a rapid fire? Use an invulnerability or dodge. About to get knocked down out of a capture point? Use stability or again, a dodge. As I said earlier it’s all about practice, which only comes with time.

10 Communicate

Are you coming to the middle point to help fight? Tell your team. Are you going to leave the middle point to defend home? Tell your team. Are two enemies going to contest home? Tell whoever is there. Make sure your team knows everything they need to make the right decisions. Guild Wars 2 is a team game and requires everyone to play a part, and clear communication can make it easier on everyone if they know what’s going on everywhere. Granted, this is difficult in a solo queue or a queue without VOIP (Teamspeak, Mumble, etc), but there are still ways to communicate without typing: map pinging and drawing. People often look at their mini-map and it is crucial that you communicate as much as your possibly can. Do not ever expect communication to be understood or read as you are trying to portray it; often times you will need to be the one to rotate or take the initiative.

Map specific tips for new players will be up soon.

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