Tips for New Players: Secondary Map Mechanics


ach map within Guild Wars 2 PvP has it’s own unique mechanic; Battle of Kyhlo has a trebuchet, Legacy of the Foefire has the guild lord, Forest if Niflhel has two NPC bosses, and Temple of the Silent Storm has buffs you can claim for your team. All of which are in the ranked map rotation as well as the upcoming Tournament of Legends 3. This article will hopefully increase your understanding of these unique mechanics, and outline the do’s and don’ts of dealing with them in a match.

Battle of Kyhlo

  • The trebuchet on the Battle of Kyhlo can be a huge asset to your team, as the massive damage and knockback it applies on a hit can easily be the deciding factor in a fight. It can be extremely effective when firing into the clock tower for the first mid fight (it takes two shots to hit inside the point as you have to destroy the building first), as a win there can give your team the momentum needed to start the game with an early lead.
  • If someone is going to man your trebuchet, make sure they have high mobility, that way if the trebuchet is destroyed they can quickly make it to a point to help at a fight. Similarly, try to make sure they have 1v1 capability to deal with people who come to destroy the trebuchet.
  • Often times players aren’t aware of trebuchet shots being fired, thus will get hit and cause teams to lose fights. If this is happening to your team, sending someone to deal with it is highly recommended. A highly physical damage based class is something to send to their trebuchet, but be sure you can still win the team fight without them!

Legacy of the Foefire

  • Legacy of the Foefire has a guild lord on each team. This lord is behind two gates (you only need to destroy one) and behind two melee soldiers and ranged casters. Killing the lord grants your team 150 points, thus killing it at 350 points will win your team the game.
  • This doesn’t mean that you have to kill the lord to win, and in many cases it’s recommended that you do not kill the lord. If you are ahead and holding two nodes, holding them to win through capture points alone is often the recommended route. This is significantly less risky, especially if you can win before the other team gets to 350 points to attempt a lord play.
  • The lord is best for winning a game when you are behind and catching up through captures seems unlikely. In this case it should be a last resort, as the enemy team can easily capture 2 or 3 points and secure their win when you’re absent from those areas of the map.

Forest of Niflhel

  • The Forest of Niflhel has two bosses; Svanir and Chieftain Utahein. When killed they each give 25 points to your team and a buff of +50 to all stats for 90 seconds. They have a 3 minute respawn timer.
  • Do not kill Svanir or Chieftain at the start of the game; instead, go to the other nodes and help win the fights as this will be more beneficial to your team in the long run.
  • A more extensive article on this topic can be found here.

Temple of the Silent Storm

  • There are three buffs on the map: Ferocity, Stillness and Tranquility.
  • Ferocity: There are two instances of this buff on the map, one by each team’s spawn location. For each one you have captured you will gain 3 extra points for a kill, taking the total up to 8 points with 1, and 11 points with both buffs.
  • Ferocity is a buff that is very minor and should only be taken when your team portrays absolutely domination. There are no circumstances in which this buff should be taken over capturing a point, Stillness, or Tranquility.
  • Stillness: This buff spawns in the middle of the map and double the current intake from your team’s captured nodes. It spawns at these times: 11:30, 8:30, 5:30 and 2:30.
  • Tranquility: This buff spawns in the cave beneath the stillness buff and grants all captures points to your teams including a knockback on any enemy player currently standing on a node when it is captured. It spawns at: 8:30 and 2:30.
  • Players often times put too much emphasis on taking the tranquility buff. Sending too many people to fight there often grants the enemy team the opportunity to utilize high mobility classes to decap and capture nodes.
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