AG Weekly Tournament

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The Academy Gaming weekly tournament series is a competitive Guild Wars 2 PvP event hosted on NA servers. This tournament series was created to spark more competitive play among teams and encourage more teams to form within PvP community.

This tournament is currently hosted every Saturday night at 5:30pm Pacific/8:30pm Eastern. Click here to learn more.


Q: Will you ever expand to EU servers?
A: At this time we have no plans on expanding to EU servers.

Q: Will you ever allow for the top teams to play in this tournament?
A: No. This tournament was designed specifically for low to mid tier teams and will never allow top tier teams to participate. This is done based upon previous performances in the week; we do not hand pick teams that cannot participate.

Q: Does Academy Gaming have plans on expanding into other games?
A: In the future we do have plans to expand to other games. At this time we do not have any details on the matter.