Class Tier List – December 4th, 2015

It has been a while since the last class tier list and with everything starting to settle down with the current balance, I take a look at where things currently stand in competitive play.

9. Warrior

Warrior hasn’t found a spot in any meta post-Heart of Thorns launch and won’t anytime soon with most players giving up on this class. The issue doesn’t lie with its specialization but rather with what is required: Strength, Defense, and Discipline. Without these three you are useless and cannot hope to accomplish anything; and even with these three, you aren’t able to do anything. The quick fix would be to make fast hands default on the warrior, allowing that third trait line to open up for something like Berserker. This would at least open up some room for warriors to play around with and see if anything is viable.

8. Thief

It’s debatable that watching Magic Toker and Caed during the Pro League helps thieves look good, but they are still at the bottom of the list. Far above the warrior, thieves still can be played in the current meta but need to be played more carefully than ever. One wrong step and you’ll find yourself in the downed state. With a few different playstyles coming out from thieves, many have found success with the staff, as vault does a massive amount of damage.

7. Guardian

Guardian has found some success with dragonhunter traps, being that massive spike damage be dished out if played correctly. While traps are often easy to maneuver around, in the midst of a team fight things can get tricky and the dragonhunter can make a difference. Outside of its damage and heal trap, renewed focus is your saving grace and without it you can be focused down easily. Expect to see less and less of this class in future weeks in terms of competitive play.

6. Engineer

From here on out, you’re looking at mainly personal opinion as the top six classes are all very solid and belong in a team’s composition. I’ve given the sixth spot to engineer due to its lack of visual noise. While the hammer tries its best, it doesn’t fully cover your screen.

On a more serious note, the engineer is a solid pick and finds itself at an advantage in many matchups. Still being dominant in team fights as well, engineer has a decent amount of flexibility in terms of amulets and even trait lines to run.

5. Elementalist

Elementalist slots the fifth spot due to its lack of damage, but finds its superiority in team support and visual noise. With the earth, water, and tempest trait lines being the meta build, you can find lots of great utility with this class for all of your team fights. Although the elementalist is no longer the king of the class tier list, it is still a healthy choice.

4. Mesmer

Mesmer is a fairly dominant class with the amount of utility it brings to a composition. With endless wells and portal always being of the utmost importance, the mesmer can flourish on the battlefield. Although this spot could be interchangeable with the elementalist, I gave it number four because of its mere flexibility in what you can run and still be useful.

3. Ranger

I feel the ranger is much deserving of this number three spot due to its all-in-one package. With great mobility, respectable damage, and excellent team support, you’re able to win 1v1s and team fights by putting the team on your back. Whether you run celestial or sentinels amulet, you are accomplishing something by at least being present in fights for your team.

2. Necromancer

This was probably the toughest choice yet as this spot is definitely interchangeable with ranger. A huge disadvantage necromancers have is their mobility, although we are seeing flesh wurm from many necromancers to counter this weakness, outside of that utility you are slower than most in terms of movement skills to get across the map. Still extremely useful in 1v1s and team fights, the damage is overwhelming and with two thick health pools, you’re very difficult to get through.

1. Revenant

The revenant is the most dominant class out on the battlefield. With a newly formed vipers amulet (or celestial) build coming into the mix, power revenant may no longer be supreme due to the overwhelming conditions and resistance uptime from the demon stance. With two high-valued builds, most teams are throwing two members onto this class since it can be a tricky one to deal with. Revenants are everywhere and will continue to be for quite some time.

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