Getting Svanir to 1v1 Chieftain


ow that I’ve got your attention, let’s dive into a well established topic: when to go for a Svanir or Chieftain kill.

From first-hand experience I can tell you that there is nothing more frustrating than when your teammates come out of the gate on the Forest of Niflhel and go straight for Svanir or Chieftain. While it may occur to players who understand the reasoning behind not starting with those at the beginning of the game, the blame shouldn’t entirely go on those that aren’t quite as familiar with the disadvantage it will give their team.

To those that may not be familiar with the right timing for these 25 point objectives, let me give you a brief overview of why this is a bad play and when you should try to get these for your team. Let us make the assumption that your team will begin a game with a standard split, meaning that you will send someone to your home point, mid point, and you may or may not have someone pushing to the far point. Assuming the enemy team does not go for their 25 point objective, they will have the numbers advantage all around the map due to your team spending valuable resources (that being one or many players) for 25 points and a buff. Let it be known that no one goes for the objective to get the buff and the 25 points is the only actual gain from defeating Svanir or Chieftain.

The numbers advantage may not seem large, but even if you have one player spend 15 to 30 second killing the objective, you must add on an extra 10-20 seconds beyond that just for how far out of the way the boss is from any capture point on the map. With all time being added together, one player could spend between 25 to 50 seconds for 25 points. By the time that player reaches the mid point the fight will have already been won by any enemy team that knows how to play Guild Wars 2 efficiently.

“Well what if we have 3 or 4 people take down the boss in the beginning so it’s quicker?”

This question is valid and brings up a good point. Sure, it will be a quicker kill but the 4v1 or 4v0 that takes place at the mid point will be finished within seconds, allowing the enemy team to take the full capture on that said point and ultimately hold it for X seconds, allowing them to overcome the early 25 point deficit. The same works for the first scenario as well. The extra 25 points is meaningless if it allows the enemy team to regain those 25 points, if not more, with a 2 cap or potentially a 3 cap.

“If we this is true, then why go for the bosses at all?”

The bosses are merely there for two purposes: team wipes and end-game scenarios. The only suitable time to go for a boss kill is when you have nearly full-wiped the enemy team and they are spending time regrouping or are scattered throughout the map with multiple members on respawn. Only then can you truly guarantee that those 25 points will make a difference since you are bound to be holding a 2 or even a 3 cap at that point in time.

The second scenario is during the end-game. If the enemy is making a comeback and you’re struggling to hold onto a point or if it is a super close game and you want to risk it all on a boss kill, those extra 25 points may be all that you need in order to seal the victory. It can be very risky at this stage in the game and is often sought out as a potential game-winner or comeback move if you’re in the position to take that chance.

All in all, the secondary objective on this map is not something that comes before the primary objective, hence the word “secondary”.  The primary focus is conquest with the bosses coming only as a means to solidify a victory, comeback, or in the case of your team showing absolutely domination elsewhere on the map.

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