King of the Hill

The Academy Gaming Guild Wars 2 King of the Hill server is currently operational on NA servers. This server is used for 1v1 battles between individuals who are looking to be challenged in close quarters combat on the beach of Forest of Niflhel. While we are open to builds that individuals wish to use, we do have a ruleset that all players must abide by in order to participate.

This server is open for use beginning on Tuesdays and closing at 6:00pm Eastern time on Mondays in order to be used for the Academy Gaming weekly tournaments.

Server name: [1v1] [AG] King of the Hill


  • Only 1 player is allowed on each team at a time
  • Players will fight in the beach area between spawn locations of the Forest of Niflhel map
  • A win is defined as having one player stomp the other player
  • The winner stays to fight the next player and the loser spectates/leaves


  • No bunker amulets (Soldier/Settler/Cleric/Magi/Valkyrie/Celestial) unless stated otherwise in class-specific rules
  • No elite skills over 120 second cooldown
  • No stacking sigils are allowed (Bloodlust/Corruption/etc.)
  • A player must wait two games after losing before re-joining
  • Running out of the beach area is an automatic loss
  • Running away to reset when out of combat is an automatic loss

Class-Specific Rules

  • Engineer: No Turret Engineers
  • Guardian: No Spirit Weapons
  • Mesmer: No Prismatic Understanding trait
  • Mesmer: No Phantasm Mesmer (Phantasm traits are not allowed with the exception of Phantasmal Fury)
  • Necromancer: Max 20% life force before start of duel
  • Necromancer: No Minionmancer
  • Necromancer: No Spectral Attunement trait
  • Ranger: No Spirit Rangers
  • Thief: Cannot trait more than 2 points in Shadow Arts trait line
  • Warrior: Cannot trait more than 4 points in Tactics trait line

Bannable Offenses

  • A player that is caught breaking rules multiple times
  • Trolling/delaying game

Please reach out to tichorum.2415 or TronJeremy.5820 for questions or to report offenses.