PvP Q&A Segment One


elcome to PvP Q&A Segment One. This is the first of five Q&A segments in which I answer some of the most popular questions I get asked on a regular basis. Each segment will include three questions.

If  you are interested in having your questions answered, feel free to contact me through our contact form.

Q: What is the best class to PvP with?
A: This question is one of the most popular ones I get on a regular basis on my stream and I thought I needed to answer this on a more public basis.  This is a fairly broad topic but there are a few points I like to bring up with this question.

The meta changes, we all know that. What you currently play will not always be as powerful or as weak as its current state. Because of this reality, there is no reason to feel the need to play the best class in PvP. Taking a look at all of the top players for each respective class, how are they the best? How are they so good? Consistency. These players have stuck to their classes through thick and thin and made their classes work when they weren’t the best. Doing this is essential to becoming a great PvPer within the realm of mechanical skill.

Secondly, playing the best classes may not be in line with what you enjoy. The vast majority of us play video games for our enjoyment, but what fun is it to play a class we don’t enjoy? Surely you all must know that Mesmer is arguably the top class in PvP, but what good are you doing for yourself if your interest truly lies with playing Thief.


Q: How do I transition from casual to competitive in PvP?
A: I believe the first step to this is defining ‘casual’ and ‘competitive’. Casual PvP would be referring to standard queuing and competitive referring to any and all tournaments hosted within our community. Beyond that we look at becoming a top tier player which I will include in this process.

While this transition was much more difficult back before we had weekly tournaments, partaking in tournaments at any level is quite simple through both Academy Gaming and ESL nowadays.

The most difficult step in this process is finding a team. Without our Looking For Group forums we’re sort of left hanging on this end. A few ways for going about this would be signing up as a Free Agent in the AG tournaments, asking strangers in the mists to queue up, and generally make some new Guild Wars 2 friends. While we will have a tool for you in the future for step, this article I wrote back in April gives a little more insight to finding a team.

As for moving up to the top tier of playing, you’re looking at strictly participating in ESL tournaments. These will bring some very challenging and quite often frustrating matches. You’ll need to remember that this is the best of the best. The top tier players. The ones who have been playing for years now. You can only expect to get to their level with patience and hard work. I hope to go into more detail with this in a future article, but for the sake of this one I will leave it at that.


Q: When watching tournaments and trying to learn, what should I look for?
A: Guild Wars 2 can be very confusing to even the average player for what is going on. No one can possibly take in everything that is happening in on go, but when watching live or through a VoD for the first time, I believe there are a few things to keep an eye out for.

Rotations are quite possibly the best thing to take away from an event. They are easily seen through one’s eyes without needing a caster to point them out or show their perspective as the mini map is always in one’s view. Take note of where players rotate to and from when finishing up fights or when it’s coming down to the wire.

Since you can only see what one player is doing at a time and it won’t always be the same player, it can be difficult to see what a player is using in terms of skills. Because of this, taking your focus off of this and onto something more noticeable is advised. The next thing I would look for is team focus. Watch the health bars of each team and who is the primary focus target. Think about why that may be and if that were something you would do with your team.

Lastly, I think it’s important to pay attention to team movement as a whole. This can be integrated with rotations and team focus, but watching where and when teams regroup to when they make a big push to Svanir or a lord kill is not something to shy away from.

That wraps up today’s segment. If you wish to have your questions answered, be sure to fill out our contact form!

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