Recap: North American Pro League Week 1

With the first week of Pro League play behind us, it is safe to say there was no shortage of thrilling moments. From the lord rushes to the triple node captures to an interview with Ostrich Eggs, I’ll be giving a bit of insight at what went on this past Monday evening for the North American scene.

The Abjured (0-0) vs Zero Counterplay (0-0)

Due to an ineligible roster change for Zero Counterplay they were unable to field five members for their match, ultimately giving The Abjured the default win. This matchup was more or less going to be a blowout regardless, seeing as The Abjured are regarded as the number one team while Zero Counterplay is yet to prove they can contend with the giants. Regardless, we will get to see both back in action next week for their matches.

Final: The Abjured | 2-0 | Zero Counterplay

Final Form (0-0) vs Ez Pz Lemon Squeezy (0-0)

Our first played match of the evening wasn’t as brutal of a beating as many had anticipated. Ez Pz Lemon Squeezy who was coming in as a huge underdog, were able to keep up with some of the intense play from Final Form who brought the unorthodox composition of double Mesmer and double Ranger into the mix. With their extremely high amount of sustain and mobility from arguably two of the best Mesmers in the game, Supcutie and Zeromis, they were just too much to keep up with. Although Ez Pz were able to gain over an 80 point lead at the start on the Forest of Niflhel, it wasn’t enough to hold onto as Final Form took the first match 500-248.

On Legacy of the Foefire a bit of a composition change from Ez Pz came as they decided to bring two of their own Mesmers now to match the high mobility from the portal and keep up their high-damage composition. Although it was a valiant effort, it did fall short as they were not able to out-sustain both Eurantien and Ozie on their Ranger builds. Eurantien did an excellent job throughout both matches holding onto several 1v2 situations until help arrived while Supcutie and Zeromis did what they needed to for their team to come out with a 500-278 victory.



Final: Final Form | 2-0 | Ez Pz Lemon Squeezy

Never Lucky (0-0) vs Spoookie (0-0)

Never Lucky was by far the most disappointing team of the evening. While they had several substitutes on their side and one of their best players, Bear, was unable to attend, they at least showed up and avoided any penalty points. Spoookie looked very dominant throughout most of this series, although on the Forest of Niflhel they allowed Never Lucky to stay in the match for quite some time. While Never Lucky needs to get their full roster back in order before we can actually see what they are capable of, Spoookie started out on a great note by taking Forest of Niflhel 501-279 and absolutely slaughtering them on Legacy of the Foefire 503-13. No downed state counter was necessary for any of Spoookie’s members.



Final: Spoookie | 2-0 | Never Lucky

Team PZ (0-0) vs Apex Prime (0-0)

The game of the week certainly lived up to our expectations. With both teams fielding their full rosters, many were very uncertain of how the return of Ostrich Eggs and the addition of Trackful for Apex Prime would work out. Ostrich Eggs, one of the better Engineers to have played Guild Wars 2, was playing his Necromancer in this important matchup while Trackful, also native to Engineer, took up the Revenant. The importance of this matchup cannot be stressed enough due to the points system and how head-to-head matchups will play out at the end of the season.

Game one on the Forest of Niflhel was about as exciting as any game could be. With an early lead in favor of Apex Prime, Team PZ came storming back with a triple cap and looking to ruin all hopes of victory on this map for Apex Prime. Down nearly 150 points with under 100 for a Team PZ victory, Apex Prime rallied the troops by taking a double cap with a massive fight emerging on the Henge capture node. Team PZ were able to scrounge up a few kills with only 10 points to go and two points ticking in their favor while Apex Prime were sitting with the Keep capture node with under 25 points to go for their victory. Morfeus, the Guardian for Apex Prime, started the assault on Chieftain Utahein to give his team 25 points to seal the victory. With everyone from both sides funneling into the fight, Team PZ knew a kill on the beast or allowing it to never be killed in the first place would seal their victory. Both Revenants for Apex Prim, Tarcis and Trackful, began attacking to bring the beast extremely low while everyone went all in to get the last hit: APEX PRIME with the victory and the incredible comeback on this first map to bring plenty of excitement into our final match of the evening (505-496).



Legacy of the Foefire was no let up of the intense atmosphere that the first match had brought us. With a fairly even match throughout most of it and a slight Apex Prime lead, Team PZ came back with a relatively decent lead near the 325 point mark. The Mesmer on Team PZ, Zoose, started to attack the front gate of Apex Prime around 340 points and brought the portal down to bring two more of his teammates through. With only Ostrich Eggs in the area to attempt to defend the lord and Tarcis on the other side of the map, they were left helpless and gave in the the inevitable lord rush from Team PZ to force a game number three, winning 528-352.

The final match of the night with a tied set at one win a piece for both of these powerhouse teams was set on the Battle of Kyhlo. With a fairly evenly matched game throughout and several changes of lead, the match seemed to be progressing at a very steady pace. Finally, with several victories and out-rotations on the outer nodes by Apex Prime, they were able to seal their victory and claim a share of the current first place standing, winning 500-354.



Final: Apex Prime | 2-1 | Team PZ

Updated Standings

Current Place Team Name Record
1 The Abjured 2-0
1 Final Form 2-0
1 Spoookie 2-0
1 Apex Prime 2-1
5 Team PZ 1-2
5 Never Lucky 0-2
5 Ez Pz Lemon Squeezy 0-2
5 Zero Counterplay 0-2


Next Week’s Schedule (Week 2)

Date Team 1 Team 2
11/30 @ 5pm PST Zero Counterplay Apex Prime
11/30 @ 5:45pm PST Team PZ The Abjured
11/30 @ 6:30pm PST Final Form Spoookie
11/30 @ 7:15pm PST Never Lucky Ez Pz Lemon Squeezy

Notice: These are the approximate times and are subject to change along with match schedule.

Week 2 Predictions

With only one week behind us it can be difficult to tell where some teams fall, especially when two didn’t actually get to perform and many substitutes on another that people expected a lot from this week. Going into the next week I believe the two matches to watch out for will be Team PZ vs The Abjured and Final Form vs Spoookie.

Team PZ (1-2) vs The Abjured (2-0)

Team PZ just came off of a heartbreaking loss against Apex Prime and is out for blood. They have to be upset about a set that slipped out from under them and rumor has it their scrimmages against The Abjured have been fairly even, giving hope for a team that might be able to knock off the giant. Rumor has it The Abjured themselves have said they predict Team PZ as a top two team at the end of season due to their scrimmages against them, so be sure to keep an eye on this matchup next week!

Final Form (2-0) vs Spoookie (2-0)

Two undefeated teams already playing each other so early in the season will be very exciting. Spoookie said it themselves: they were struggling after the launch of Heart of Thorns but seemed to have found something for themselves in the past several weeks. With Final Form impressing last week, it will be tough for Spoookie to match up against these guys given their extremely difficult composition to deal with. Look for this to be quite the match against two undefeated teams.

Zero Counterplay (0-2) vs Apex Prime (2-1)

While Apex Prime has to be thrilled about their victory this past week, Zero Counterplay isn’t necessarily a team to overlook. With several players who are not foreign to the competitive scene, they will put up a fight, but I don’t think it will be enough to take a single game off of Apex Prime in this set. Look for Zero Counterplay to have a better matchup against teams such as Never Lucky and Ez Pz Lemon Squeezy.

Never Lucky (0-2) vs Ez Pz Lemon Squeezy (0-2)

Never Lucky is off to a rocky start and hopefully they can field their entire five man roster without substitutes this week. With Bear back they should create for some exciting play against Ez Pz who might find themselves a little overwhelmed in this matchup. Despite it not necessarily being a game to watch for, this one could be very close when it comes down to it.

A special thanks to GW2EsportsHighlights for the video edits. Check out their Twitter and Youtube for more.

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