Specialization Tier List – October 7th, 2015

In this special edition of tier lists, I take a look back at this past weekend and what we saw from the class specializations and where I rank them.

9. Tempest (Elementalist)

While the Tempest may have some of the better looking animations with their new trait line and warhorn weapon set, they are fairly weak as a specialization. While unable to conjure up a viable aurashare build along with hardly creating any difference for celestial Elementalists, the Tempest isn’t beating out dagger/dagger anytime soon. The Elementalist may be the strongest outside of specializations but are needing a bit of a buff in the Tempest trait line if they want to be seen on the battlefield.

8. Berserker (Warrior)

Rifle bugs aside, the Berserker is looking slightly better than they did in the previous beta weekend, but still cannot find a way past the current meta Warrior builds. Headbutt provides for some great crowd-control and damage, but is it better than Rampage? The Berserker trait line isn’t too shabby but Warriors have to take both discipline and defense to be remotely viable as is and devoting the third trait line to Berserker doesn’t look like it’s quite worth it just yet.

7. Daredevil (Thief)

Thieves are a highly anticipated specialization that I think have fallen just short of expectations. The new dodge rolls within the Daredevil trait line seem to have been fixed for the better but only one being the biggest source of viability (Lotus Training). The Staff provides for some great evasion tactics but what could it possibly replace? The shortbow weaponset is irreplaceable with its incredible mobility and the dagger/pistol is the bread and butter of the Thieves at this point in time. Let’s hope some work is done to the Staff weaponset before Heart of Thorns.

6. Dragonhunter (Guardian)

Guardians everywhere are hoping that the Dragonhunter will be their return to the meta (looking past support Guardian) and are still wondering what will come of this specialization. Looking past potential trap bugs that are hitting three times for 9,000+ damage without any telegraph, the Dragonhunter seems to be a bit stronger than they had been previously. This new trait line and weapon seem to be pushing Guardian for another damage role but we’ll have to see what comes of them in Heart of Thorns.

5. Scrapper (Engineer)

The gap between the Dragonhunter and Scrapper in terms of viability is quite significant. The Scrapper seems to be in the process of finding itself but a bunker-like role with crowd-control seems to be its path. Being incredibly tanky and providing decent damage in the mix seems to make them relatively unstoppable especially when paired with a Druid, but I am positive players will find a way around these Scrapper builds. We have had only have one weekend with the Scrapper so it’s tough at this time to decide where this class is in the mix of other specializations.

4. Herald (Revenant)

Obviously the Revenant is a bit of a mystery in the mix of meta right now, however, looking specifically at the Herald rather than the Revenant class a whole I believe many have overlooked the potential of the Herald. With the recent nerf to the Legendary Demon Stance, many Revenants are starting to pick up the Herald trait line and equip the Legendary Dragon Stance. I believe the Legendary Dragon Stance was previously very strong but has since been partially nerfed with the new energy ‘rules’ with the ‘signets’ no longer granting energy while in use. Regardless of this, near permanent-fury with a Marauder amulet can create for an excellent damage build granting 100% critical hit chance and plenty of defensive maneuvers with the weapons themselves. The downfall of the Herald will be its lack of condition clear which I believe the class struggles with as a whole.

3. Chronomancer (Mesmer)

The Chronomancer is proving to still be a top dog in the race for the the best specializations. This trait line provides for some great utility, however, one of the strongest parts is the uptime on the Slow condition and the amount of outplay potential with the new Continuum Split. An excellent Continuum Split could, hands down, be one of the biggest game changers in Guild Wars 2 PvP.  I believe along with the potential of this ability, the amount of Slow uptime, and the potential use of the new elite ability ‘Gravity Well’, the Chronomancer looks to be a very strong specialization when Heart of Thorns hits.

2. Druid (Ranger)

Quite possibly the most anticipated specialization in the entire game, the Druid is proving to be devastating in the first beta weekend. While I am under the same impression with this class as I am with the Scrapper being that the class is yet to fully find itself, I believe that the Druid is an absolute monster on the battlefield. Providing incredible sustain for itself along with the rest of the team, the Druid is untouchable in the Celestial Avatar form. Let’s see how this specialization plays out at the start of the Heart of Thorns launch and see if it makes its way into team compositions.

1. Reaper (Necromancer)

The Reaper is still the top runner in my specialization tier list. With conditions on the Necromancer getting a slight buff I think that can play into the Reaper class very well. The Reaper is also incredibly tanky with it’s new shroud form and has some very devastating attacks that will melt you if you’re not careful. Chill is one of the most overlooked conditions in the game and the Reaper is applying it consistently in fights. A 1 on 1 versus a Reaper is not a matchup I want to take and fighting them in team fights is going to be a nightmare. If you don’t have a Necromancer on your team training with the Reaper, it’s time you found one for yourself!

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