Tips for New Players: Part 1


uild Wars 2 PvP can be daunting for new players, and there are a lot of major pitfalls that people fall into. This article, and the articles following it, are aimed at new players and hope to give them tips to avoiding these pitfalls, thus improving their PvP play.

1 Learn the early rotations

The start of a match is incredibly important and an incorrect player rotation can easily lead to an insurmountable lead in favour of your enemies. The basic first rotations are as follows (the notation meaning the number of people going to near point – mid point – far point): 1-4-0, 1-3-1 and 1-0-4. For new players 1-4-0, (1 near and 4 mid) is the simplest and safest rotation. The others are risky, and rely on a greater knowledge of the game and higher levels of player skill. I would recommend practicing them in unranked with a party of 5 friends before trying them in a more serious format. This is also know as the initial “split” instead of rotation.

2 Learn every class, even if you aren’t going to play them

Most MMO players have a favourite play style that they carry over from game to game: a tank, an assassin, whatever it may be. I, myself, have always preferred some form of a mage. MMO players will also almost always have a “main” that they play most, and are therefore best at. However when starting to play sPvP it’s important to have a working knowledge of what every class can do and is capable of. This means recognising skills and even what the meta builds are and how to fight against them. A lot of this experience can come through play time and playing against friends who play other classes to practice fighting them.

3 Learn to focus targets

A big fight on a point can be confusing for a new player, with the amount of people in one place, and it can be hard to know who to use your skills on. Generally speaking, the optimal solution is to focus whoever is doing the most damage to your teammates. Not only will this eliminate a large damage dealer, making the fight easier, but they will generally also be easier to take down than say, a bunker guardian who will take more to kill, and is less likely to burst your team down.

4 Don’t pay attention to personal points

Your personal points on the in-game scoreboard do not matter as much as your team’s score compared to the enemies team score. Many new players worry too much about the points they get from kills and captures, and will hinder their team to increase them. This leads to bad habits, such as staying at a point with others to cap, when it is clearly not needed. If you have won a fight at a point it only takes one person to stay and take it, the rest of the team can be on their way elsewhere to contest or defend another point. It’s a simple change to your mindset that will not only help your team and personal efficiency, but increase your enjoyment of the game as you won’t be so worried about how you are performing.

5 Learn where to fight

Fight on points; it’s as simple as that. If you are contesting a point and fight on top of it, every second you can push them off, or cause them to use some skill that stops capture is a second close to a decapture or a capture. When defending it may seem logical to fight off points to stop the aforementioned effect, however if you defend off points, then you are opening up a possibility for an easier fight for the enemies, which could lead to a loss of a point.

This is the first part of a series of articles, find part 2 here.

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