What a New Competitive Map Would Bring To PvP

Competitive PvP relies solely on four maps being played with three of the more popular ones being used in our everyday tournament rotation. While this rotation has become the norm, with Temple of the Silent Storm being brought into the mix every once in a while, I believe a change in the system will spark more strategical play.

While tournaments like the Tournament of Legends and Academy Gaming bring in Temple of the Silent Storm along with different map rotations of the four competitive PvP maps, I still don’t believe that is enough to bring in more strategy from teams. Adding a fifth map into competitive play could bring so much to the scene and I believe it is a high priority.

A very comparable game that revolves around maps used is Starcraft 2. For those of you that are not familiar with this game they have a pool of competitive maps that are eliminated one by one. Both players (in a 1v1 matchup) will take turns eliminating maps that are not used. Below I give you an example of how this would be done and benefit the scene. For the use of a fifth map I have thrown in Spirit Watch.

Maps being used: Forest of Niflhel, Legacy of the Foefire, Battle of Kyhlo, Temple of the Silent Storm, Spirit Watch.

Team 1 bans Spirit Watch.
Team 2 bans Legacy of the Foefire.
Team 1 picks Temple of the Silent Storm as map 1.
Team 2 picks Forest of Niflhel as map 2.
By default Battle of Kyhlo is map 3.

While the way above would be standard, there is an alternative way to go about this process as well that is shown below.

Maps being used: Forest of Niflhel, Legacy of the Foefire, Battle of Kyhlo, Temple of the Silent Storm, Spirit Watch.

Team 1 picks Battle of Kyhlo.
Team 2 picks Temple of the Silent Storm.
Team 3 picks Spirit Watch.
By default the remaining two maps are not used.

This alternative would a quicker solution but wouldn’t allow for teams to play the strategical side of map selection being that you are able to ban one map that the enemy team may have the advantage on due to mobility, team composition, etc. This change to the competitive scene would allow for teams to do extensive research for other teams which, after all, is done to an unimaginable extent in other competitive games.

Another added bonus to this fifth map would be best of five matchups. While these are very rare in competitive play I would like to see more best of five series happen in the larger tournaments, namely the ESL Monthly finals and WTS finals. With this fifth map all five would be played and teams would vote on the rotation rather than banning the maps.

With that being said another map that has competitive potential would need to be developed by ArenaNet. We can only hope that the Heart of Thorns expansion brings something like this to the community. Unfortunately, no word has been brought to surface on this subject yet.

The only downside of this system is the time it would take. Tournament organizers would need to set a strict time limit in which teams have to ban and pick maps. With this in play the tournaments wouldn’t be dragged on too far beyond its normal length.

With this feature, whether it is automated or manual, the competitive scene would look a lot stronger with more variables in play with map selection and banning. It is my hope that we do receive another competitive map in the near future, our first competitive map since Temple of the Silent Storm was released back in November of 2012.

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