Why Strafing Is Important

While strafing isn’t the bulk of keybindings, which I can assure you will be explained in a future article, it is essential to achieving success in PvP in not only Guild Wars 2, but any game for that matter. Strafing may be a no-brainer to many avid PvPers but upon PvPing in an MMO for the first time there is a very large learning curve and taking it step by step is one of the best ways to go about it.

It is my recommendation that you totally remove the keybinds labeled as “turn left” and “turn right” because they are disruptive to any sort of PvP and there shouldn’t be enough room on your keyboard to allow for those two extra keybinds. While the amount of skills available to you in Guild Wars 2 isn’t astronomical like games such as World of Warcraft, there are still enough to fill one side of the keyboard.

Although it is quite obvious that Guild Wars 2 doesn’t have a large amount of abilities that require us to aim, but rather require us to have a target or point and click, the usage of terrain, line of sight, and for those abilities that do require aiming, it is important to strafe effectively. The amount of times I have personally went head to head against individuals who stand still, make my job of defeating them much easier, is more than I can count. The simple notion of movement itself increases your odds of winning due to the fact that you are requiring your opponents to now aim rather than throw all of their abilities at one single area, ultimately causing them to miss a few, if not many, of their abilities.

Keybinds are the make or break between someone who doesn’t understand or play well in PvP game modes and someone who understand how to play in PvP combat. In a future article look for a guide to Guild Wars 2 keybinds and until then, keep strafing!

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