Why the Turret Nerf Is Good for Engineer Players


t was recently announced that engineer turrets are going to be getting two part nerf, in that they will be able to be critically hit, and that they will be affected by conditions. Whether this will make turret engineer unviable or not, isn’t what this article is going to discuss, what I want to discuss is why these changes are a positive thing for engineer players, as a lot of them have been complaining about the upcoming changes.

The prevalence of turret engineers has been a sore spot for most sPvP players, and the official forums are full of “please nerf turrets” threads, which in turn are full of people telling the original poster to “learn to play”. This attitude is often projected onto all engineer players by a fairly vocal part of the community. This is not the first time engineers have been at the forefront of the PvP community’s hatred and anger either, as they were strongly disliked for a long time as part of the “engineer and elementalist celestial hate”. A nerf to turrets will hopefully go towards changing the community’s opinion of engineers as a collective, and will stop us all from being tarred with the same brush. It is true that many may still dislike the strength of the celestial rifle build (although celestial is also getting nerfed in the near future) but hopefully this will be a step in the right direction for the reputation of engineer players.

The standard turret build is, to blatantly put it, boring. I will stand by that opinion for as long as I play Guild Wars 2 and PvP. The engineer class is blessed with a wide array of viable builds that allow an incredibly diverse play style. Yes, the celestial rifle build is considered to be the “meta” build, but it’s not like other classes in that you have to run it to be competitive in high level play. You can play 2 kit conditions, 3 kit conditions, HGH might stacking, and even the decap engineer can be viable in the right scenario. You compare this to say mesmer or warrior, which really only have one (shatter and shoutbow respectively), or maybe two viable builds (condition and great sword/longbow). Turret engineer is a crutch, I’m not saying people who play it are bad and need one, but it is, it takes significantly less skill than other, more viable builds. A turret nerf will diversify the amount of builds that engineers run, making the class more interesting, and again, hopefully improving the community’s opinion towards them.

These are clearly not the only changes the turret nerf is going to bring around to PvP, but they are the potential impacts on the engineer players themselves, not to be mistaken with the impact on the class (although in some cases like build diversity those two things are one and the same). And let’s not the forget the best impact of this change: the forums will stop complaining about turrets.

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